Alan Cleverly OBE

Alan CleverleyI am devastated to inform local residents that Alan Cleverly OBE passed away this morning following an exceptionally brave battle with cancer. He did so peacefully and with his beloved family by his side.

For those that did not know Alan, he was at the centre of the Surrey Heath Conservative Association and served as election agent to all elected representatives in Surrey Heath including myself.

Alan’s career in politics spanned many decades where he worked with some of the greats including Margaret and Denis Thatcher.

I remember the very first time I spoke to Alan. It was on 16th December 2006. It was a telephone conversation and I remember the date so well because my wife Claire was in labour and hours away from giving birth to our daughter Izzy. I had stepped outside the labour suite at Frimley Park Hospital to stretch my legs when my mobile rang. Alan was calling me to try and persuade me to stand as a conservative borough candidate in the forthcoming elections. I turned him down but he had another go at persuading me several years later (successfully) as I was elected for my first term in 2011.

As the tributes come pouring in today, many local elected representatives credit Alan with persuading them to stand.

Apart from being a political campaigning mastermind, he was also one of the most charismatic people I have ever met.

Above all I will miss his amazing sense of humor and just being in his company which was always an enormous amount of fun.

His passing will be a huge blow to the association and the community. I will miss him a great deal.

Rest In Peace Alan Cleverly OBE

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About deachy

Born in Salford Manchester. Moved to Surrey Heath in 2003. Married to Claire (a Frimley girl) and father to Izzy. I created this web site to try and infect as many people as possible with community spirit and promote the very best of Surrey Heath.

7 thoughts on “Alan Cleverly OBE

  1. Maureen hume

    Dear Paul,

    I am sorry to hear the news of Alan Cleverley’s death. I knew Alan way back in the late 70 and 80’s as a member of the Conservative Party. My husband was a Scottish Nationalist and the two of them had many a ‘hearty’ discussion in my home.

    He was a grand man as they would say in Ireland.

    With kind regards to his family.

    Maureen Hume

  2. David Whitcroft

    I and other Liberal Democrats were deeply saddened to hear of Alan’s death. He was a great humanitarian, showed great concern for minority groups and, in living life to its fullest, he had a very dry sense of humour and a great sense of fun. He showed his political opponents respect and, I hope, was respected in his turn. He will be a great loss to Surrey Heath and its political life.

  3. Alan Butler

    So sad to hear about Alan Cleverly’s passing. It was he who ignited my interest in politics, which became an important element of my career in communications. He and I started a House of Commons luncheon club in support of Michael Grylls, who was our local MP at the time. It was known as ‘Strangers Gallery’ and held monthly lunches at the House with cabinet ministers as guest speakers. Membership was drawn largely from businesses in the constituency. I am sure many residents will recall this influencial body. RIP Alan C.

  4. Norman Holden

    We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Alan Cleverly OBE. We would be grateful if you could convey to Alan’s family our sincere condolences on behalf of Bisley Residents’ Association and, indeed, all Bisley people.

    Norman Holden

    Chairman Bisley Residents’ Association


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