Email Lists

emails imageEmail lists are an incredibly powerful and a completely free communication tool and have proven very effective in the community at sharing information very quickly to a huge number of local residents who are on-line.

Subscription to the lists below is very simple:

Surrey Heath This list is a borough wide list and is used for sending information that relates to the whole borough. You can join this list here:

You will also be given the opportunity to join a Surrey wide list should you wish to.

1 thought on “Email Lists

  1. Chris

    Yr news item from the Brighton Argus re Sussex firefighters helping with Surrey heath fires! This wasn’t about Surrey Heath, but about a heath in Surrey! A valid point as we have had help from across the Hampshire (and Berks) borders during the dry spell for our very own Surrey Heath heath fires!!
    As a local resident in St. Michael’s Ward, I have to say that I like your web site! Keep up the good work and thanks!


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