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Born in Salford Manchester. Moved to Surrey Heath in 2003. Married to Claire (a Frimley girl) and father to Izzy. I created this web site to try and infect as many people as possible with community spirit and promote the very best of Surrey Heath.

The Surrey Heath Residents blog is moving

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The Surrey Heath Residents Network blog is moving to a new web address.

You can now find us at:

The new site now serves the whole of Surrey but it is possible to filter only Surrey Heath related content.

Undoubtedly there will be a few teething problems with the new site but we hope you will stick with us.

We hope you enjoy the new site.

If you have any questions please contact us here

Alan Cleverly OBE

Alan CleverleyI am devastated to inform local residents that Alan Cleverly OBE passed away this morning following an exceptionally brave battle with cancer. He did so peacefully and with his beloved family by his side.

For those that did not know Alan, he was at the centre of the Surrey Heath Conservative Association and served as election agent to all elected representatives in Surrey Heath including myself.

Alan’s career in politics spanned many decades where he worked with some of the greats including Margaret and Denis Thatcher.

I remember the very first time I spoke to Alan. It was on 16th December 2006. It was a telephone conversation and I remember the date so well because my wife Claire was in labour and hours away from giving birth to our daughter Izzy. I had stepped outside the labour suite at Frimley Park Hospital to stretch my legs when my mobile rang. Alan was calling me to try and persuade me to stand as a conservative borough candidate in the forthcoming elections. I turned him down but he had another go at persuading me several years later (successfully) as I was elected for my first term in 2011.

As the tributes come pouring in today, many local elected representatives credit Alan with persuading them to stand.

Apart from being a political campaigning mastermind, he was also one of the most charismatic people I have ever met.

Above all I will miss his amazing sense of humor and just being in his company which was always an enormous amount of fun.

His passing will be a huge blow to the association and the community. I will miss him a great deal.

Rest In Peace Alan Cleverly OBE

Cllr Mike Goodman’s ePetition for a strategic review of HGV access to #Windlesham and #Chobham

Photo 07-06-2014 16 45 15Surrey County Councillor Mike Goodman has set up an ePetition to Stop the increase of large HGV’s through the villages of Windlesham and Chobham.

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Surrey Heath Borough Council Planning Applications Committee – 10th February 2016

IMG_7838In my nearly 5 years as a councillor I have to say that this evenings Planning Applications Committee was as about as contentious and emotive as they come.

There would not be much point in me adding my own views on these items as I am not a member of that committee and to my mind the decisions were made democratically with the upmost integrity of councillors and council officers.

There were 3 items heard by the committee this evening but I am only including the two that were contentious. I have not edited the content in any way other than to cut out the silences at the beginning and end. I have also included a recording of one of the lead resident campaigners prior to the committee meeting.

Please note that the audio from proceedings are not an official record. For an official record please contact SHBC.

Planning Application 15/0884 (Relevant committee papers available at

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Planning Application 15/0868 Relevant committee papers available at

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