The Surrey Heath Residents Network is a hyperlocal media outlet created by Deepcut resident Paul Deach and has become the number one source of local information in the Surrey Heath area.

Giving local residents in the community a strong voice, the residents network tries to shine positive light on all the great things that happen in Surrey Heath.

Check out this podcast to find out a little more about Paul and how the Residents Network started:

Paul’s blog is at www.deachy.uk and you can follow him on twitter @PaulDeach or Instagram @deachy

The Residents Network is going from strength to strength and is now considered a key communication tool that rivals traditional local media outlets.

In order to continue providing this service and to secure the long term future of this project it has become necessary to take sponsorship from carefully selected local business’s who, after all, also form part of our community. The sponsorship will come in the form of editorial content and other media such as video and audio. To easily identify such content, all posts related to our sponsors will come under the “Sponsored Content” Category.

Please do let us know any of your ideas to make this site the very best it can be by using this contact form to get in touch with us:

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