How to contribute

This site was created to help promote the many voluntary, charity and community groups in the borough and there are lots of them.

You might have an event that you want to publicise to the rest of the community or you want to tell as many people as possible about your group or charity.

As the site has grown in popularity, requests of this nature are reaching several a day. This is fantastic and is something we want to encourage and continue to grow. However there are a few house rules:

  1. The easier you make it for us to put on the site the more likely it is to be published. So make sure if you are sending text you send it in word 2007 – 2000 format. Make sure you have spell checked it and that it is grammatically correct. Small errors are fine but if we have to spend time correcting your work, it is unlikely to be published. If you don’t have word, we will accept the text in the body of an email.
  2. Your item is also more likely to be published if you include an image relating to the article. But do not embed the image into a word doc as we like to format it ourselves. So make sure you attach an image separately to the word doc.
  3. If you are advertising an event a poster advert is a great way to do this. We love poster adverts as they are easy to put on the site so are not time consuming. We prefer your poster to be either .jpg or .pdf and should be A2 in size, although we will accept A4. Any smaller than this and it will not look right so unlikely to get published. Here are some good examples of poster adverts – Poster Ad 1 Poster Ad 2  Poster Ad 3
  4. Send your advert in good time. We are very busy so if you don’t give us enough time, your ad may not get placed in time for your event.
  5. Surrey Heath Residents Network reserves the right to not publish material.

All material for inclusion including press releases should be sent to the editor: Paul Deach