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Windlesham Pram Race 2013

Windlesham Pram Race 2013 - Alan Meeks (33)As always the organisers of the Windlesham Pram Race organised an incredible event to raise money for local good causes.

In this blog we have podcast interviews with the Mayor of Surrey Heath and one of the event organisers Geoff Mitchell. We also have photos taken by Alan Meeks and myself and an event video.

Windlesham Pram Race. The Finish Line – Video blog

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Description: Residents Network video blogger Alan Meeks captures the high spirits at the finish line of the Windlesham Pram Race.

Windlesham Pram Race 2012 – Photo blog

Windlesham Pram Race 2012 - Glyn CarpenterI have lived in Surrey Heath since 2003 and heard a lot about the Windlesham Pram Race, but this year is the first time I have visited the event.

It was incredible. The atmosphere was electric with people having a great time and that’s not just the participants of the race, but the spectators too.

For those who have not heard of the Windlesham Pram Race, it is a big pub crawl. But participants wear fancy dress and make prams or floats of all shapes and sizes. It is a lot of fun.

The serious side to the event is that it raises a small fortune each year which is distributed to local charities. One of the organisers told me that it is also a very important day for local business’s in particular the pubs where for many if not all, it is their busiest day of the year.

Surprisingly there is little information about the history of the event, including on the official web site, but Cllr Tim Dodds blogged about the event yesterday (26th Dec 12) and he mentioned that it started in 1968. The year before I was born.

Alan Meeks & I were filming for the Residents Network, so hopefully we will have two videos to share with you later on today.

The Boxing Day Windlesham Pram Race is a fantastic local tradition organised by The Surrey Border Lions and is an event I am going to try and visit with my family from now on.

Thanks too Glyn Carpenter for this fantastic Photo blog:

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Amazing Windlesham Pram Race – Re-pressed Tim Dodds

Windelsham Pram Race 2011What an amazing Boxing Day. The Windlesham Pram Race started in 1968 and has grown into a phenomenal event. This year there were around 100 teams, and I’m told there were about 800 competitors. This along with the thousands lining the route. Truly an amazing event.

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