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#SurreyPCCLive – Cybercrime

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Description: Paul Deach talks to Jeff Harris the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey about Cybercrime and Cybersafe Surrey Network

The audio only version of this broadcast is available here or can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet through your favourite podcast app at the Surrey Residents Network podcast channel.


“Breached borders threaten the economy and leave us open to terrorism” – Kevin Hurley, Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey

Kevin Hurley - PCC“Anyone who looks at the current debacle of protecting our borders probably shares the same exasperation as me. I doubt that they will feel any better to learn that if you live in a county with a motorway service station like ours on the M25 at Cobham, on a regular basis your police officers are taken away from protecting you to mop up hoards of illegal migrants. In the past few months Surrey Police have caught 156 people piling out of lorries as their drivers stop for diesel or a coffee. Recently in Redhill we had another 16 go on the run in an industrial park. No one knows how many were missed. The last time it happened at Cobham services police caught 20. Given that this takes out virtually half of the 999 response capability of the county and ties up our 9 prisoner vans for hours, along with dogs and the helicopter, to say nothing of the county’s cells, this is now a threat to my residents.  We can’t respond to their needs or patrol adequately.

“What really concerns me though, is terrorism, we have detectors for CO2 for human breath, sniffer dogs and infra-red heat detectors yet it is clear that we are missing thousands of people.  None of these detection systems work on properly wrapped automatic weapons and explosives. Ask yourself this; how many AK47s can fit into the body space of one person?  Then multiply it by thousands, you get to see the potential risk.

“Some might say I’m no expert, but as someone who was the former Head of Counter Terrorism for the City of London Police, The senior police officer for the Coalition in Iraq and who was present en-route to the Westgate Mall in Nairobi on the day of the blitz attack by terrorists. I can say there are few politicians who have been up close and personal with terrorism in the way that I have.

“Leaving the threat of terrorists smuggling weaponry into the country, or drug traffickers bringing in heroin or cocaine, and ignoring women being trafficked for sex slavery, let’s take a look at the economic threat the current Borders debacle presents for the Chancellor. Virtually no exports are now able to leave through our busiest port, our exports are stuck on the M20, moreover hundreds of thousands of people are now able to work illegally, reducing the Chancellor’s ability to collect income tax and National Insurance Contributions, all of these unfortunate and soon to be exploited migrants will impose a burden on the NHS, Police and later Education services. As a model of how to damage your own economy and safety through the failure by neglect to control our borders it’s a perfect example.

“But what about going out of the country? Every year thousands of little British girls are taken back to countries like Somalia and Sudan to suffer brutal Female Genital Mutilation. We don’t stop them when we could. The state of our Borders has long been a scandal.

“The quick fix whilst we sort out the relationship with France is: ask the military to do what they did for us at the Olympics and during the floods. Step in where failure by others leaves no other option.

“In this case, it couldn’t be easier – Shornecliffe barracks in Folkestone is the base for the 700 soldiers of 2nd Royal Gurkha Rifles. The clue for the Home Secretary what to do next is in the word Folkestone – its where the Channel Tunnel comes out. My quick fix suggestion is ask a few Gurkhas to stroll up the hill and help the Border Agency search incoming lorries properly, at the same time bus some Gurkhas through the tunnel to support the Border Agency staff on the French side. They can buy their sandwiches for the day at the Tesco’s as they walk by. Couldn’t be easier.”

#SurreyLive with the Police and Crime Commissioner for #Surrey

Kevin Hurley - PCCIt has been an eventful year so far for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey.

Kevin Hurley wants to raise our council tax and has renewed calls for a force merger.

Recently Kevin Hurley and his Deputy Jeff Harris took part in a Crime Summit at Camberley Theatre where they spelled out their proposals for a future Surrey Police Force. Some of the news they broke, in particular a significant force reduction, did not make for comfortable listening for many in the audience but a lot of what he said did make sense.

In the first of what is hoped will be a regular live event broadcast on the internet, Kevin Hurley will take part in a live Q & A with Paul Deach via the Surrey Residents Network.

If you want to ask the PCC for Surrey a question, either leave it in the comments here or tweet it with the #SurreyLive hashtag and Paul will read it out for Kevin to answer.

You will be able to watch the event live here on Thursday 26th February 2015 at 2pm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK3azbygXPI



Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Presentation to Full Meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council

Duputy Surrey Police Crime Commissioner At a full meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council, the Deputy Chief Constable of Surrey Police and Surrey’s Deputy Police Crime Commissioner gave a presentation to Councillors.

The audio from the presentation is available hear. Apologies for the poor sound quality.

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2082107-surrey-police-and-surrey-police-crime-commissioner-presentation-to-surrey-heath-borough-council.mp3]

This podcast is available on the Surrey Residents Network Audioboo Channel and can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Audioboo has apps available for Android & iOS devices and the Apple Podcast App is a great way to listen to Resident Network podcasts. Just search “Surrey Residents Network” within the app.

Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, pauses police station sales

Kevion Hurley - PCCKevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, has paused the sale of ten police stations in Surrey.

These are:

Esher, Haslemere, Epsom, Leatherhead, Old Woking, Banstead, Camberley, Horley, Sunbury and Chertsey.

The disposals of Egham and East Molesey Police stations are near completion and will continue.

One of the Commissioner’s first actions upon taking office was to call for a review of the policy of police station disposals in the county which began in 2010.

The sales have been suspended to ensure that the best possible value is being recouped for these properties. There is no plan to reopen any of the properties as police stations.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Harris, who led on the stations review on behalf of the PCC, said:

“Over the last few weeks, at the Commissioner’s request I have looked in detail at the estates disposal policy initiated in 2010.

“The basic logic of the policy remains sound – co-locating police teams with councils has helped improve services to the public. Closing ageing and barely-used stations has reduced our maintenance costs.

“However I think the time is right to look at the disposals currently underway and assess whether we can take a more commercially-minded approach to maximise their value.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Kevin Hurley said:

“I want to be absolutely certain that we are getting the maximum possible value for the public from these assets.

“Pausing these ten sales gives us the opportunity to assure ourselves that we are not missing any opportunities to do better for the public.”