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RLC Museum Lecture Program 2016

RLCM Lecture Poster 24.03.16 v2
Thursday 21st January
‘Women in World War I’ Dan Allen
Dan Allen, a long-time friend of the Museum, will present his lecture about both the
experiences-of and the many essential roles played by women during The Great War.
Thursday 24th March
‘Aldershot in the Great War’ Murray Rowlands
Continuing the theme of World War I, noted local historian Murray Rowlands will speak on the topic of his recently-published book Aldershot in the Great War. As Britain’s premier military base of the time, Aldershot has a rich and fascinating history; captured here.
Thursday 21st April
‘Operation Thunderbolt: A Close Run Thing’ Prof Saul David
We are delighted to welcome back the noted historian, novelist and broadcaster Prof Saul David, who will present a lecture based on his most-recent book, Operation Thunderbolt: Flight 139 and the Raid on Entebbe Airport; which details the raid carried out to rescue Jewish nationals by the Israeli Special Forces, on 3rd July 1976.
Thursday 23rd June
‘Herbert Sulzbach: The Man with a Big Heart’ Ainslie Hepburn With these words, the German Ambassador described Herbert Sulzbach (1894-1985), who fought for Germany in WWI and with the Pioneer Corps in WWII. He was awarded both the OBE and the Grand Cross of the German Federal Republic for his post-war work fostering Anglo-German co-operation. This talk explores the man and his fascinating life.
Thursday 22nd September
‘The War in the West’ James Holland
James Holland has just completed the second part of his revelatory new trilogy about World War II. The product of more than a decade of research, these superb new books challenge convention and long-held wisdom about this cataclysmic conflict.
Thursday 24th November
‘“Arming Britain’s Wartime Secret Army”: Weapons and Equipment of the Auxunits’ Maj Dale Clark
Having recently-spoken of the arming of World War II’s Home Guard, Maj Clarke returns to speak on the subject of the Auxunits, our secret, anti-invasion guerrilla fighters.

A lecture by Andrew Robertshaw at the RLC Museum – From D Day to Berlin – Podcast

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Description:  Tim Dodds (editor of the Lightwater blog) records a lecture at the RLC Museum Deepcut by world renowned military historian and battlefield archaeologist Andrew Robertshaw – From D Day to Berlin: Logistics in North-West Europe 1944-45.

This podcast is available on the Surrey Residents Network Audioboo Channel and can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Audioboo has apps available for Android & iOS devices and the Apple Podcast App is a great way to listen to Resident Network podcasts completely free of charge. Just search “Surrey Residents Network” within the app.


Tim Dodds & Prof Gary Sheffield ‘Winston Churchill’s best kept secret’

Tim Dodds and Prof Gary SheffieldTim Dodds talks to Prof Gary Sheffield about ‘Winston Churchill’s best kept secret’ at an RLC Museum lecture program event.

[audio http://audioboo.fm/boos/1383247-conversation-with-prof-gary-sheffield-on-winston-churchill-s-best-kept-secret.mp3]

This interview is also on the Surrey Residents Network Audioboo podcast channel and to download free on iTunes.

Men of Rorke’s Drift Lecture Podcasts – RLC Museum

Zulu War Day - RLC Museum (4)One of the best jewels in Surrey Heath’s crown is without a doubt the RLC Museum in Deepcut. Not just for some of the incredible artefacts in the museum, such as Monty’s Rolls Royce, but also for its superb lecture program and regular highly engaging events.

At the weekend the museum held a Zulu War Day event. As well as having lots of amazing exhibits on display there was a full series of lectures given by world renowned military historians such as our very own Andy Robertshaw.

I have attended many RLC Museum Lectures over the years and I always come away feeling enlightened. They are always fascinating and I have spoken to several women and young people who have been dragged along to one of these events but conceded they were totally captivated by the interesting talks. I have seen many such people at subsequent events.

Many residents, particularly the more mature ones, will have seen the famous film Zulu with Michael Caine. While the film is a great depiction of the Battle at Rorke’s Drift there are some inaccuraciesZulu War Day - RLC Museum (11) which are brought to light during the lecture. Furthermore and more interestingly, Ian Knight (an expert on the Zulu War) explains how these inaccuracies came about.

The Residents Network recorded the lecture which was provided by Craig Appleton, Ian Knight and Andy Robertshaw. You can play them from this page, download them on iTunes or listen to them on your Apple TV.

The sad fact is that we will loose the RLC Museum once the Army move out of Princess Royal Barracks but while its still here I urge residents, young and old, to take full advantage of this incredible resource while we still have it. We will miss it when its gone.

Men of Rorke’s Drift (Part 1) – Craig Appleton

Men of Rorke’s Drift (Part 2) – Craig Appleton

Men of Rorke’s Drift (Part 3) – Ian Knight

Men of Rorke’s Drift (Part 4) – Ian Knight

Men of Rorke’s Drift (Part 5) – Andy Robertshaw