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#SurreyPCCLive – Cybercrime

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Description: Paul Deach talks to Jeff Harris the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey about Cybercrime and Cybersafe Surrey Network

The audio only version of this broadcast is available here or can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet through your favourite podcast app at the Surrey Residents Network podcast channel.


#SurreyHeathLive – Councillor eSurgery November 2015 – Video blog

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Audio only podcast version available on iTunes, Stitcher and Overcast and audioboom – https://audioboom.com/boos/3819597-surrey-heath-councillor-esurgery-november-2015 

The Councillors that took part in this eSurgery were:



Surrey Heath Councillors kick off first ever eSurgery broadcast over the internet – Video blog

Six councillors from Surrey Heath Borough Council took part in the very first eSurgery which was broadcast live over the internet.

The eSurgery was hosted on the new social network Blab and it is thought to be a world first of the use of this technology by politicians in this way.

Councillors Dan Adams, David Allen, Paul Deach, Josephine & Edward Hawkins and Oliver Lewis took part and it is hoped that other councillors will also participate in the future.

The idea is a very simple one and that is to make local politicians more visible to the communities they serve and make them accessible in a more convenient way for internet enabled residents.

The first eSurgery was for the councillors involved to discuss the concept to pave way for a pilot which will run very soon and will be announced on the Residents Network in due course.

All broadcasts will be recorded and made available like the one below for those who could not watch live.

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Audio Only version

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#RangerRadio September 2015 – Newlands Corner Edition

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Jalsa Salana 2015 – Podcasts and photo blog

Jalsa UK - Paul Deach - iOS 1Today along with Cllr & Mrs Dan Adams (St Paul’s) and Cllr Darryl Ratiram I attended #JalsaUK in Alton.

I was totally awe inspired by the incredible organisation by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who put on this remarkable annual event. There was over 30k people attend over this weekend which was entirely facilitated by volunteers. I have never seen anything quite like it.

The whole experience would be impossible to sum up quickly but for me and most noteworthy was visiting an amazing exhibition which included a 750 year Quran and a picture exhibition on the Shroud of Turin which was extra special as I got to interview a world leading authority on the subject Barrie Shwortz. It was also really great to learn about the incredible relief work by the Charity Humanity First who are actively engaged in relief work across the world.

It was a huge privilege to represent my community at the event and do my bit to help spread the peace loving message of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I know Cllr Adams and Cllr Ratiram were equally impressed by the whole experience and one we all hope to be able to repeat in the future.

A huge thank you to Camberley resident Shahid Mirza for making our attendance at the event possible.

Rather than try to explain what #JalsaUK is all about and the founding principles of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community I think my podcast with Dr Mohammed Iqbal does that really well.

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