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Proactive Dog Fouling Patrols being carried out in Surrey Heath – Podcast

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Description: Cllr Paul Deach & Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer Russell Lister conduct a dog fouling patrol across areas of Surrey Heath in a proactive campaign targeting irresponsible dog owners.

How councils have tried to battle the dog poo problem – Via getSURREY

Spelthorne Borough Council's anti-dog fouling poster

By David Stubbings

Councils across Surrey have tried a number of different methods to solve the problem of dog mess over the years with some ideas more unusual than others.

Spelthorne Borough Council’s anti-dog fouling poster has become a social media hit a year after it was first launched.

The authority’s hard-hitting approach has seen its No Messin’ poster spread like wild-fire online. But Spelthorne isn’t the first council to take an original approach to the dog mess problem.

Here are a few other ways Surrey authorities – and local people – have tried to tackle the problem:

Brown balloons

Elmbridge Borough Council’s street cleaning team replaced dog poos with brown balloons in November 2013 with a message that read “did you leave your dog’s poo here?” as well as stern words of advice: “Bag it & Bin it”.

There’s no such thing as the dog poo fairy

That was the slogan of Surrey Heath Borough Council’s campaign in 2012.

The authority ran a campaign in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy as a reminder to dog walkers to be responsible for cleaning up after their pets in public. Council officers gave out information and plastic disposal bags to pet owners.

The council also stepped up its activities in areas where dog fouling was a persistent issue. Offenders, if caught, were to be issued a £50 fixed penalty and with a possible £1,000 fine should the incident go to court.

Name and shame

Surrey Heath again, who in June of this year set up a members panel to tackle the problem which will report back to the borough council’s Community Services Scrutiny Committee.

Fed up councillor Paul Deach said: “If we’re not going to go out and target offenders, then our campaigns aren’t going to make a lot of difference.

“It’s time to catch them, fine them and make an example of them publicly – to name and shame them. We have to send out a strong message that dog fouling will not be tolerated in Surrey Heath.”

Read the full article – http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/local-news/how-councils-tried-battle-dog-7642261

#SurreyHeathLive – Episode 1 (Dog Fouling)

SurreyHeathLive - Paul Chapman#SurreyHeathLive broadcast for the first time last night with a panel of specially invited guests who discussed Dog Fouling in the Borough of Surrey Heath.

As this was the first episode there were some teething problems, mostly of a technical nature. In internet technology terms this is state of the art stuff but it is not without its issues. Non-the-less I think it went really well.

I am not going to offer a synopsis of the discussion as Paul Chapman who was a panel member has done this really well in a blog he wrote about the broadcast here.

However, I am really excited about the potential #SurreyHeathLive has to open up local issues to the mainstream community and get residents interested and involved with issues that matter to us all.

There was really good viewer participation during the broadcast with several comments via twitter and emails from local residents too. There has also been a fair amount of follow up discussion after the broadcast.

I have already had discussions with people who have agreed to be future panel members including the Leader of the council Cllr Moira Gibson, Opposition leader Cllr Rodey Bates and Portfolio holder Cllr Colin Dougan. There are several other people who have agreed to be panel members when the subject matter warrants it.

I think in the main it was a success and the more of these we do, the better I will get at moderating the broadcast and making it as compelling as possible.

The two main lessons I learnt from last nights broadcast are:

  • What to do when there is a break in transmission
  • Not to have my mobile phone near the microphone

You can watch the broadcasts by clicking the links below. They are in three parts due to the technical issues we encountered. I am hoping in future episodes we will be able to do it in one seamless broadcast.

Episode #1 Part 1

Episode #1 Part 2

Episode #1 Part 3

The audio only versions of the broadcasts can be found here and downloaded for free on iTunes.

Episode #1 Part 1 – Audio Only

Episode #1 Part 2 – Audio Only

Episode #1 Part 3  – Audio Only

I would just like to thank our panel Cllr David Allen, Paul Chapman, Sue Helliwell and Kay Attwood for taking part. Being the first one I guess there was some pressure.

The topic for next months #SurreyHeathLive has not been agreed yet so please leave a comment or tweet using the hash tag.