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Deepcut Garrison Community Centre opens new kitchen – Podcast

SCC Chair & Deeput CommanderThe Chairman of Surrey County Council & the Commanding Officer of Training Regiment at Deepcut Garrison open a new kitchen at the Garrison Community Centre.

This podcast can also be found on the Surrey Residents Network Audioboo podcast channel and is available to download free on iTunes.

Public Access Defibrillator Launched in Bagshot & Deepcut – Video blog

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Description: Paul Deach attends the launch of the Public Access Defibrillator in Bagshot and talks to Peter Glover from South East Coast Ambulance Service, Cllr Glyn Carpenter & Cllr Valerie White.

Gove warns of Deepcut homes ‘massive impact’ – Via getSURREY

Michael Gove MP - Deepcut Public Meeting 24 Feb 12AFTER consultation this week closed over plans for 1,200 new houses in Deepcut, Surrey Heath MP Michael Gove backed residents’ concerns in a pointed letter to the borough council.

Writing to Jenny Rickard, Surrey Heath’s executive head of regulatory, Mr Gove said the application was causing a “great deal of anxiety” and stressed he shared many residents’ worries.

Mr Gove used his letter to thank the Deepcut Liaison Group for its “brilliant job” gathering views and making a strong statement to the planning authority.

Highlighting six key issues, Mr Gove agreed traffic and road infrastructure was of paramount importance while noting the impact a new 2,000 sq m supermarket would have on the village.

Housing density, community infrastructure, sustainable travel and biodiversity featured prominently in his strongly-worded shot across the bows that came to light as public consultation ended on Monday.

“Many people could have opposed this redevelopment all together,” he said. “But that has not been the position of the community. I have been struck by the willingness of residents to work with planners and the council. It is clear residents recognise the idea of sensitively planned and appropriately developed additional housing is a good thing, but I must stress the balance has got to be right.”

The MP, with responsibility for Deepcut, added it was essential residents’ concerns were given the “full and serious consideration” they deserve. “This is a huge project that will have a massive impact on Deepcut and the surrounding communities,” he said. “It’s absolutely vital the council ensures they get this right and any project granted is with the consent of the community.”

Read full story via getSURREY – Gove warns of Deepcut homes ‘massive impact’

Give your comments on revised Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Plan Area applications

DeepcutVillageSignSurrey Heath Borough Council is seeking views and comments on a revised application to designate a Neighbourhood Forum for the Deepcut area.

The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 were recently introduced by the Government, giving local communities greater power to shape local development by having a direct role in deciding the future of the place where they live.

Within Surrey Heath, neighbourhood planning can be undertaken by Parish Councils or Neighbourhood Forums, with Surrey Heath Borough Council providing assistance and making necessary decisions at key stages.

In addition, a proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area has been submitted for the Deepcut area which establishes the boundary within which an anticipated Neighbourhood Plan would relate.

A Neighbourhood Plan enables a local community to create a vision and planning policies for the use and development of land in a neighbourhood. They can be general or more detailed, depending on what is important to local people. They must however, conform to the strategic policies in the Council’s adopted Core Strategy.

Surrey Heath Borough Council is publicising the applications and asking for comments from members of the public, particularly those who live, work or carry out business in the Deepcut area.

Previously applications for the creation of a Neighbourhood Forum and a Neighbourhood Area in Deepcut (consulted on between Monday 6 August and Monday 17 September 2012) were considered by the Executive at the meeting of the 4 December 2012. Concerns were raised regarding the content of both applications and it was decided to defer the applications to allow for further consultation following receipt of revised applications.

Subsequently, the applicant (Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum) decided to withdraw the original applications and submit revised applications relating to the designation of a Neighbourhood Forum and a Neighbourhood Area in Deepcut.

A copy of the applications is available to view in Frimley Green Library, as well as online via www.surreyheath.gov.uk/neighbourhood The website provides a background to the Neighbourhood Planning process and details of the proposed Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area. A response form is available to download and complete.

The consultation is open until Wednesday 20 February 2013.

Any comments received will be considered fully and the proposals assessed against the relevant Council policies and Government advice. A detailed summary of all comments received and any resulting changes required to the Neighbourhood Plan Area will be reported to the council’s Executive later this year and a decision made on designating the proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area.

The consideration of the Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Plan Area is a separate process to the planning application for the Princess Royal Barracks site.

Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum Special General Meeting – Video blog

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Description: The Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum held a Special General Meeting which was captured by the Residents Network.