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Deepcut Barracks planning application response guidance from Deepcut Liaison Group

DeepcutVillageSignThank you to everyone who attended our public meeting on Saturday 5th January.

We promised to get back to you with the feedback received and a summary of points to help you prepare your own response to the planning application.

72 people return feedback forms on the day and these contained 95 comments on Traffic and Planning. It is clear residents feel we will have serious congestion unless effective mitigation is put in place.

Your Village Needs You: Give a strong response on Traffic or we will be gridlocked.

23 people commented on the Supermarket – the clear view is that it is too big and should not be on the main road, but sited within the development.

The 2000sq m supermarket will bring more traffic into an already congested village.

What can you do? – Send your views to SHBC

We need a lot of responses. SHBC will only respond if we get a large number.

The consultation ends on Monday 21st January

How Do You Respond.

By Letter to: Planning Dept., Surrey Heath Borough Council, Surrey Heath House, Knoll Rd, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3HD

By email: Planning.policy@surreyheath.gov.uk

We have prepared an outline letter which you can download below. Cut and paste the items you want to comment on to build your own letter. Please change this in any way you want to give the council your views.

Please Help us Save our village

Angela Mitchell
Chair Deepcut Liaison Group

Response Guidance can be found here – Deepcut Liaison Group – Deepcut Planning Application Response Guidance

Action stations as residents launch first Surrey Heath Neighbourhood Forum

DeepcutVillageSignA major step towards the creation of Surrey Heath’s first Neighbourhood Forum was taken last night (26th April) when residents and businesses from Deepcut approved the constitution for the new Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum.

Part of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’, Neighbourhood Forums are part of the Localism Act, assented in November 2011, which empowers local people and communities to prepare their own neighbourhood plans.

It is chaired by Angela Michell, one of the driving forces in the Deepcut Liaison Group which has worked tirelessly to ensure that the planned development on the Princess Royal Barracks is sympathetic to the rural village of Deepcut.

“We felt it was imperative that we expand the work that we have done to protect our rural community. With Government and Council cutbacks on the way it is the best way of protecting both our area and our way of life. It provides a voice for the community to tackle issues that really matter, such as parking, crime, policing and schools.

“With the proposed development of Princess Royal Barracks, planning is a major issue for our community and we want to ensure that our concerns are not only heard but listened to by all the relevant parties. This new Neighbourhood Forum will ensure this happens,” says Angela.

Deepcut response guidance now available to Surrey Heath residents

Deepcut public meeting - 24 Feb 12Following Friday’s public meeting the Deepcut Liaison Group (DLG) have been working flat out to provide residents with guidance on how to respond to the latest proposals by the Defence Infrastructure (DIO). This is now available here – http://surreyheath-residents.co.uk/deepcut-redevelopment/deepcut-redevelopment-response-guidance/

Residents only have until 9th March 2012 to submit their response to the proposals for Deepcut Barracks.

Over 500 local residents from across Surrey Heath attended the public meeting.

DLG’s chair Angela Mitchell said “We have been working for nearly four years and feel we have been sensible in accepting there will be some development in Deepcut and have been constructive with our suggestions to help shape the future of the village. However, we have always said that meaningful infrastructure is not a request but a demand. We feel that DIO have insulted every resident across Surrey Heath with the latest proposals and have clearly demonstrated that they have not listened to resident feedback on the important issues. That is why we called a public meeting and sought the intervention and support of our MP Michael Gove who attended the meeting at very short notice”.

It was decided at the meeting that DLG would prepare a response guidance document for local residents which would detail the main issues under discussion and that were voted on at the meeting.

This guidance has been made available on the Residents Network and a form has been created to make it exceptionally easy to send your response to DIO. The form can be found here – http://surreyheath-residents.co.uk/deepcut-redevelopment/deepcut-redevelopment-response-form/

It was suggested by Chas Bradfield (Deputy CEO of SHBC) that due to the size of the Deepcut development, it would be likely that any planning application would be decided by a full meeting of the council rather than the planning committee. This means every councillor at SHBC would get to vote on this planning application.

DLG therefore thinks it is important that all councillors at SHBC get to see local residents responses so they can fully appreciate the issues and the strength if feeling.

In order to make it as easy as possible for residents to submit to all the relevant parties, DLG have created a form that will send residents comments on the proposals too:

  • GVA – This is the organisation who are acting on behalf of Defence Infrastructure Organisation and who are asking for your comments
  • Surrey Heath MP Michael Gove
  • Every councillor at SHBC (individually)
  • Chief Executive Officer at SHBC

DLG member David Rushmer said “So far residents have been pragmatic in their participation in this whole process, but they are losing patience”.

We feel SHBC planners have no regard for preserving the village feel of Deepcut and DIO just want to pack as many houses as possible into Deepcut and trying to get away with providing as little infrastructure as possible.

They want to get maximum gain for Deepcut Barracks and leave local residents to pick up the pieces. SHBC and DIO have asked for our feedback which we have willingly given to them. But they have not listened and residents have lost confidence in our council to act in the residents best interests. Fridays public meeting was a clear message to the council, enough is enough”.

DLG believe that residents do not have to accept the latest proposals and wants residents to say to all concerned that they do not accept them.

At the public meeting Michael Gove said “I have particular concerns about the whole development actually”. He added that the Deepcut development “should be sympathetic and sensitive and it should take account of the existing size, shape and character of the village and the broader community. I fear that has not really been the case so far. I think that 1200 homes is too many, I fear it is undeniably too many if you don’t have significant changes, firstly to roads. The traffic situation around Surrey Heath is bad enough as it is already already”. He went on to say “Unless there is massive investment into infrastructure its just not sustainable”.

Michael expressed many other concerns which residents can view here – http://surreyheath-residents.co.uk/2012/02/26/michael-gove-at-the-deepcut-public-meeting-videos

DLG want to thank local residents for the outpouring of support which was so clearly shown at the public meeting on the 24th February 2012, but it is vital that every member of every household makes their views known and responds to DIO.

Angela Mitchell said “Now this information is available on the Surrey Heath Residents Network, we will be publishing a leaflet that will encourage local residents to submit a response. We will be calling on local residents again to show the same community spirit as last week and deliver this leaflet across the borough. If you have not already subscribed to the Deepcut community email distribution list then please do so now so we can easily communicate with you and call on your support when we need it. Remember we only have until the 9th of March”.

Our guest blogger is the Deepcut Liaison Group
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Deepcut public meeting draws over 500 residents

Deepcut public meeting - 24th Feb 12The Deepcut redevelopment public meeting attracted huge numbers of local residents from across the Borough last night. Deepcut Village Centre hosted the event and reached maximum capacity of 300.

Some local residents and Borough and County Councillors were denied access to the venue but windows and doors were opened so that residents outside could hear proceedings.

During the event residents from outside the venue could be heard shouting views so that those inside could hear.

Deepcut Public Meeting - 24th Feb 2012

As venue reached its capacity of 300, concerned residents are forced to listen from outside

Chair of the Deepcut Liaison Group Angela Mitchell said “We are really very sorry for those residents who wanted to attend the meeting but could not due to the venue reaching capacity. We were advised by Surrey Police that approximately 200 people were outside the venue. The response has – been astonishing and to get 500 people to a public meeting on a Friday night is unprecedented. In my view this shows how strongly local residents feel about their concerns regarding the plans for the redevelopment of Princess Royal Barracks and the impact it will have on residents across the Borough”.

Members of the panel which included Surrey Heath MP Michael Gove, SHBC Deputy Chief Executive Chas Bradfield and John Taylor from Defence Infrastructure Organisation took some tough questions from members of the Deepcut Liaison Group and Dettingen Park Estate Owners Committee.

Deepcut Public Meeting - 24 Feb 12

It is estimated over 200 residents gathered outside the meeting

In his address to the public meeting Michael Gove said about traffic “Unless there is massive investment in infrastructure its just not sustainable”. The Surrey Heath Residents Network captured Michael’s address on video which you can watch here – Michael Gove at the Deepcut public meeting 24th Feb 12 More footage from the meeting will be made available shortly.

Items under discussion included:

  • Traffic – There was overwhelming support for the view that people should object to 1200 houses unless there are significant improvements to the infrastructure before building commences
  • Construction traffic– The vote showed it should not be sent down the small roads behind Dettingen Park and should come down DBR to the new roundabout with Main Street.
  • Size & location of supermarket. – the vote showed that residents want a local supermarket (5-800 sq. metres) not a supermarket to serve the wider area with 50% of the shoppers coming from outside Deepcut.(1400 sq. meters) They want the supermarket to be built in the middle of the new development approximately behind the church, to the north of the school. Siting it close to DBR and the new roundabout at Newfoundland/Blackdown Roads will cause significant traffic problems.
  • Loss of trees and open green space.- The vote showed that the plans should follow the recommendation of the core strategy and the inspector and retain Blackdown park, and trees should not be removed to provide allotments.
  • South of Brunswick Road the trees should not be torn down for houses while the tarmacked Transport depot is dug up to plant trees. The proposals from Natural England were laughed at. The houses should be built on the transport depot site.
  • The new development should not build immediately north of Dettingen park (on the edge of the cricket pitch) and a buffer zone must be retained around North Minden house.
  • Gypsy / Traveller provision – There was a unanimous vote in support for the view that is not an appropriate site for travellers anywhere in Deepcut.
Deepcut Public Meeting - 24 Feb 12

Even borough and county councillors were unable to get inside the venue

Member of the DLG David Rushmer said “It is vital that residents respond to the latest DIO proposals by the 9th March. They have indicated that they intend to submit a planning application very soon. DLG will be meeting in the coming days to discuss the public meeting and to formulate some guidance notes for local residents in order that they can easily respond. We ask residents to keep an eye on the Residents Network web site and to subscribe to the free community email distribution list so that the DLG can advise when the guidance notes are available. I would also like to remind residents that it is local councillors who will ultimately decide the outcome of a planning application. It has been indicated that due to the proposed size of the Deepcut development, this will not be heard by a normal planning committee but by a full meeting of the council. This means every councillor in the borough will have a vote on the plans, so it is important that you make your views known to every councillor at SHBC as well as your MP, The planning Department at SHBC and the DIO. DLG will be publishing details of all the councillors along with the guidance notes”.

Michael Gove advised local residents he would be attending a meeting with members of DLG, SHBC, SCC and DIO next week and that he wants local residents to write or email him with any concerns. His email address is michael.gove.mp@parliament.uk

Images with thanks Alan Meeks

Deepcut Liaison Group get their ‘Traffic Impact Assessment’ following e-petition

DeepcutVillageSignDeepcut residents are celebrating following the Deepcut Liaison Groups Traffic Study e-petition success at Surrey Heath Borough council. The petition reached over 700 signatures of residents from Deepcut & surrounding villages.

Angela Mitchell, Chair of the Deepcut Liaison Group made the following statement to Surrey Heath Borough Council Executive which was followed by a debate of local councillors:

“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to ask the Executive of SHBC to endorse the wishes of the local residents of Deepcut, Frimley Green, Mytchett and Heatherside and to ensure that SCC commission an independent traffic survey of the local roads affected by the development of the PRB site.

Local residents have completely lost confidence in SCC Transport department.  The Maultway and Red Road round about is an example of a recent junction improvement that went wrong.  At the June meeting in Guildford Andy Stokes admitted, in the presence of SHBC councillors, that he had signed off the plans and SCC had got it wrong.  This supports the strong feeling amongst residents that “tweaking” roundabouts will not solve the traffic problems.

SCC is not taking the resident’s concerns and views seriously.  Andy Stokes and Mike Green were clearly dismissive of residents at the public meeting earlier this year.  They are also giving us a lot of supposed evidence which is contradictory.  We have, as an example, been told that there is no problem, the traffic mitigation will solve the issue.   However, in the “Transport evaluation for Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Core Strategy” produced by SCC for the core strategy, problems are identified (document number 3380/SHBC/01 version3). On page 57 of the document the first entry at the top of the page shows B3015 Deepcut Bridge Road would be over its nominal capacity in scenarios C and D (Deepcut development; and Deepcut development plus DERA development.)  This clearly means that there will be a problem on Deepcut Bridge Road.

SCC have also reported in their FAQs that the PRB development will produce only 400 additional traffic movements in the morning peak period and 700 in the evening peak period.  This is unbelievable when there are 1200 new homes and therefore 3360 additional cars going on the site(2.8 per household is the average for Surrey Heath).  The “Transport evaluation for Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Core Strategy” document clearly shows that there will be 1024 additional movements in Zone 365 during the period 8.00-9.00am.  400 movements is therefore clearly nonsense.

The lack of credibility of SCC transport Dept. leads to a total lack of faith in SCC quality assuring the traffic study commissioned by the DIO.

In addition in February 2011 the inspector in “evaluating” the SHBC Core Strategy was very surprised that SCC was relying on the traffic study produced on behalf of the DIO.

Residents are very concerned at traffic across a wide area.  The ramifications are across the whole of the east of the Borough, not just Deepcut Bridge Road, Bellow and Blackdown Roads.  To name just a few of the roads and junctions of concern:-

  • Wharf Road / Frimley Green Road,
  • The Maultway / Red Road
  • The Maultway / London Road
  • The M3 junction 3
  • Frimley Green Road
  • Sturt/Mytchett Road
  • Frimley
  • The Hospital area

The traffic study is a vital piece of work that needs to be done thoroughly.  Residents want to see the best possible traffic flow.  They want meaningful road improvements which will give significant additional capacity across the area and produce substantial improvements in traffic flows.  This is in addition to putting meaningful traffic mitigation and calming on Deepcut Bridge Road, Bellew and Blackdown Roads and the building of new roads of sufficient substance to take some local traffic through the PRB development in a controlled way.

We are not traffic engineers and therefore cannot say exactly how this can be done.  In January at the public meeting, local MP Michael Gove said that as the MOD is making a lot of money from the sale of the PRB site they must be made to put something back for the local residents.  Again at this morning’s breakfast meeting he repeated that the MOD are making a lot of money.  They should not be allowed to dump lots of houses in the area and then walk away from their infrastructure responsibilities.  There should be no cost cutting on infrastructure.  The local residents should not be left to pick up the pieces.  We are ratepayers and need to be able to rely on a truly independent survey”.

Following the statement, members of the executive and councillors discussed the merits of the e-petition and unanimously agreed to set money aside for a ‘Traffic Impact Assessment’.

Petition signitories received the following email today:

The Executive considered the petition at its meeting on 27 September 2011 and resolved the following:

(i) support the petition; and

(ii) commission a traffic impact assessment in relation to the development of the Princess Royal Barracks at Deepcut as part of the planning application process.

Minutes to the meeting can be downloaded here.

Angela Mitchell said “this is a fantastic result we are delighted. I would like to thank SHBC for listening to us and to the Surrey Heath Residents Network for helping us spread the word to the community about our e-petition. The fact we got so many local signatures shows the strength of feeling in the community about the number one issue when it comes to the new development and that is traffic. This is really only the beginning of the hard work as we will need to keep up the pressure on all our points when the army consultation starts and the planning application comes in, but we have made significant progress”.

Paul Deach ward Councillor for Mytchett & Deepcut said “This is a great result and a brilliant example of community activism at its best. Members of the Deepcut Liaison Group have worked tirelessly for the benefit of the wider community and that hard work has paid off. It just goes to show what can be achieved when the community pull together. Congratulations to all involved. I also think that we should recognise that Surrey Heath Borough Council have listened to residents feedback which shows they are in touch with the major local issues”.