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#SurreyHeathLive – Councillor eSurgery November 2015 – Video blog

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Audio only podcast version available on iTunes, Stitcher and Overcast and audioboom – 

The Councillors that took part in this eSurgery were:



#SurreyPCCLive with Kevin Hurley – Live on-line broadcast on Tuesday 11th June at 10.30am

Surrey PCC - Kevin Hurley - #SurreyPCCLiveOn Tuesday 16th June at 10.30am Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner ( PCC ) @kvnbhrly1 will be doing a live on-line broadcast with @PaulDeach.

If you have a question there are several ways you can have your question read out for the PCC to answer live:

  • Use the comment form on this post
  • Use the contact form
  • Tweet your question using the hashtag #SurreyPCCLive
  • Use the Q&A at the #SurreyPCCLive event page.

The event will be live streamed on youtube at: #SurreyPCCLive

A recording of the event will be made available on the Residents Network for those who are unable to watch live.


Heath fire devastation captured on video

Heath Fires - Paul DeachThis afternoon I decided to see the devastation caused by the heath fire on Pirbright Ranges for myself and I live broadcast a video stream using the new Periscope App.

The fire is still smouldering and when the wind picks up it is still flaring up in some areas. However, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service are on the scene keeping it well under control.

The Periscope App I used to live stream the video from my mobile phone does have some limitations. For starters it is only possible to shoot in portrait and because I was walking while filming it is a little jumpy. But this is a first for any media outlet in Surrey.

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#SurreyLive with the Police and Crime Commissioner for #Surrey

Kevin Hurley - PCCIt has been an eventful year so far for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey.

Kevin Hurley wants to raise our council tax and has renewed calls for a force merger.

Recently Kevin Hurley and his Deputy Jeff Harris took part in a Crime Summit at Camberley Theatre where they spelled out their proposals for a future Surrey Police Force. Some of the news they broke, in particular a significant force reduction, did not make for comfortable listening for many in the audience but a lot of what he said did make sense.

In the first of what is hoped will be a regular live event broadcast on the internet, Kevin Hurley will take part in a live Q & A with Paul Deach via the Surrey Residents Network.

If you want to ask the PCC for Surrey a question, either leave it in the comments here or tweet it with the #SurreyLive hashtag and Paul will read it out for Kevin to answer.

You will be able to watch the event live here on Thursday 26th February 2015 at 2pm:



#OurDay The Pro’s & Cons of being a Councillor – Video blog

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Description: Cllr Allison Hernandez, Cllr David Allen and Cllr Paul Deach take part in a Google Hangout on Air to discuss the Pro’s and Cons of being a Councillor as part of #OurDay.

#SurreyHeathLive March 2014 The European Elections Hustings – Video blog

#SurreyHeathLive March 2014This evening (28th March 2014) there was a hustings held at Camberley Theatre for the European Elections. It was brilliantly moderated by the BBC’s Peter Henley.

Surrey Heath Politicos (the organisor) asked the Residents Network to capture the event. So I decided to live stream the event using the same technology I use to broadcast our monthly #SurreyHeathLive .

I have never live streamed an event before so it was a gamble if it would work but to my relief it did. In fact I dont think an event of this kind has ever been broadcast live in Surrey Heath or even Surrey before. Because the stream was over an unstable internet connection I had to reduce the broadcast quality but it is perfectly watchable and the sound quality sufficient.

My friend and Residents Network contributor Paul Chapman captured an audio only podcast version of the proceedings which you can listen to here or download on our iTunes podcast channel. The sound quality of this recording is much better than the video version. Thanks to Rodney Bates for helping with the microphone too.

Images from the event can be found under the video player.

I recommend you start from 4min 27sec as this is where the hustings actually starts.

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#SurreyHeathLive February 2014 (Audio Only Version) – Podcast

Pot HoleFebruary 2014 #SurreyHeathLive the panel discussed flooding and pot holes. This is the audio only version.

The panel consisted of Cllr Tim DoddsSue HelliwellCllr Rodney BatesPaul Chapman, Cllr Katia Malcaus CooperCllr Glyn CarpenterCllr Dave Allen. Moderated by Paul Deach.

Flooding was the opening discussion and potholes started at 18mins 13sec.


This podcast is available on the Surrey Residents Network Audioboo Channel and can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Audioboo has apps available for Android & iOS devices and the Apple Podcast App is a great way to listen to Resident Network podcasts. Just search “Surrey Residents Network” within the app.