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Much loved Surrey Heath Children Service under threat from Surrey County Council

IMG_8020This morning I have received frantic pleas of support from local mums of young children who face having their muched loved Sure Start Centre closed.

Mothers received the below letter from the Mytchett Sure Start Centre yesterday and immediately set up an online petition.

It would be a huge loss to the community if this centre is allowed to be closed and I have signed the ePetition to show my support.

Many of the young families I represent have benefited enormously from the services the Centre provides across Surrey Heath and whenever I visit it is exceptionally well used.

Could I urge all local residents to sign the ePetition and to make contact with your County Councillor to express your support for the centre. Even if you have not directly benefited from the service, I can assure you that the knock on effects to the whole community of not supporting some of these young families would be significant in terms of cost and impact and would effect us all in one way or another.

While I accept there needs to be cost saving measures, the closure of this centre and the services it offers would be a devastating blow to our community and would be a step to far.

For more information about the Mytchett Sure Start Centre and the remarkable services it provides please check out this podcast I recorded some time ago with the Centre Manager:

The online ePetiton can be found here:

The Surrey Heath County Councillors are:

Cllr Bill Chapman

Cllr Mike Goodman

Cllr Denis Fuller

Cllr David Ivison

Cllr Adrian Page

Cllr Chris Pitt

Mytchett Sure Start Letter


Ranger Radio - Jan 2015 - @PaulDeach (1)As part of a new podcast series each month I will be shadowing Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger James Hurd as he goes about his work across Surrey.

In the first podcast of the Series we visited Barossa and I got to see some incredible wildife including a Dartford Warbler and a Green Huntsman Spider.

All the images below were taken while out with James today.

To follow the series on social media follow the #RangerRadio hashtag.

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Richard Jeens wins HM Queens Prize at Bisley – Podcast

145th Imperial MeetingFor the last month I have been providing media coverage for the NRA at the worlds biggest and most prestigious shooting competition at the National Shooting Centre in Bisley.

The Imperial is to shooting as what Wimbledon is to tennis and sharp shooters from across the world descend on Bisley for the month long event.

All Target Rifle Shooters have their sights firmly zeroed in on HM Queens Prize and this year it was won by Richard Jeens. I recorded this podcast with him just after he was carried on the world famous chair from Stickledown Range to the NRA Museum.

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For all the podcasts from the 145th Imperial meeting check out the National Rifle Association of the UK Podcast Channel.

Surrey SATRO Summer Science Festival 2014 – The video blog and podcasts

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Description: A short video capturing just some of the magic at the Surrey SATRO Summer Science Festival hosted at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford.

The Podcasts

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Broadmoor escape siren in Camberley days could be numbered – Podcast

Broadmoor SirenThis evening (22nd April 2014) in my role as Councillor for Mytchett and Deepcut I attended an executive meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council.

The first agenda item was a fascinating presentation from John Hourihan who is the Director of Security at Broadmoor Secure Hospital.

Some residents may be aware that the siren tested every Monday in Camberley is not advance warning of an air raid by the Luftwaffe but in fact an alarm which signifies a patient from Broodmoor has escaped.

The siren was introduced in 1952 following the escape from the hospital of serial child killer John Thomas Straffen.

On April 29, 1952, Straffen managed to escape from Broadmoor and, in the 24 hours he was at large he killed five-year-old Linda Bowyer. As soon as he was captured, Straffen told the police “I did not kill the little girl on the bike,” even though no one had in any way suggested he was responsible for the crime. He was convicted of murdering Linda Bowyer and sentenced to death, although this was eventually commuted to life imprisonment because he had learning difficulties. He died in prison on the 20th November 2007.

The siren was last activated for real in 1993.

West London Mental Health NHS Trust who are responsible for the hospital are holding a consultation about the sirens and during John Hourihan’s presentation he gave a strong indication that the Camberley siren could be decommissioned.

I recorded the presentation and questions from Councillors so that residents can draw their own conclusions about the necessity of the siren.


This podcast is available on the Surrey Residents Network Audioboo Channel and can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Audioboo has apps available for Android & iOS devices and the Apple Podcast App is a great way to listen to Resident Network podcasts. Just search “Surrey Residents Network” within the app.



Frimley young people selected to represent Surrey Heath at 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015

Kayleigh Carter, Susanne-Marie Shepard and Kieran AdamsKayleigh Carter, Susanne-Marie Shepard and Kieran Adams from Frimley have been selected to represent Surrey Heath as part of the UK contingent at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015. They will be members of the two Surrey units, each of 36 young people aged 14-17, who will be guided by four volunteer leaders from the County.

Kayleigh & Keiran from 1st Frimley and Susanne-Marie from 2nd Frimley first had to make a written application, and were then amongst 15 Scouts/Explorer Scouts from across Surrey Heath who attended a selection weekend where they had to complete a variety of team activities and creativity tests to demonstrate why they should be part of the unit.

The preparation for the Jamboree has already begun and will continue over the next two years, during which time they will grow in confidence and learn many new skills. They will attend a series of weekend camps and activities on the lead up to the Jamboree to ensure they are fully prepared for the trip. Activities will include:

• Fundraising as a unit the £3,000 per participant attendance fee,
• Building a sense of team work and togetherness,
• Prepare for a period of three weeks away from home in a very different cultural setting.
• Developing the skills needed and prepare themselves for the life changing experience

The three Surrey Heath Scouts will be part of part of the 2,400 Scouts and Guides attending the Jamboree from across the UK. Before the event the UK Contingent will travel to Tokyo before heading down to Kirara-hama where the specially built Jamboree site is located.

Over the 10 days at the Jamboree, they will join with 30,000 Scouts from around the world and camp, live and work together for 10 unforgettable days of celebration and international friendship. They will work together to find out about each countries cultures and faiths, learn new skills, take part in adventurous activities and tackle some of the biggest issues facing the world today.

Attending the Jamboree is an opportunity of a lifetime for the young people and the rest of the UK Contingent to represent the 500,000 UK Scout Association members. Not only will they get to meet 30,000 people from nearly every country in the world – and sharetheir knowledge and experiences whilst working towards greater international understanding – this Jamboree offers them the chance to learn new skills that they can use in other aspects of their life.

Kayleigh: I am so lucky and grateful for the opportunity I have been given. It’s a bit scary to think about raising so much money but I know that it will also be helping other Scouts in poorer countries to go to the Jamboree and we’ll have a fantastic time together. I’m really looking forward to meeting so many different people from around the world, I can’t wait.
Susanne-Marie: I feel so lucky to have been chosen to represent Surrey Heath at the Japan Jamboree in 2015. Scouting has always allowed me to join in and achieve what others thought I couldn’t. Because my Special Needs can make my life difficult at times, as a member of Scouting I can join in and live my life, doing amazing things. As part of the World Wide family of Scouts I have fun joining in with many different activities. At the Jamboree I will be part of a fantastic and incredible experience meeting people that, I hope, will become lifelong friends and make memories to last me a lifetime.

Kieran: “I am so thrilled to have been chosen to represent my district at the World scout jamboree. I have been a part of the scouting movement since i was 7 years old in that time I have experienced many great things and learnt a lot of new skills. I have taken part in the gang show and laid a wreath at ypres on remembrance Sunday, but I think going to Japan will be a trip of a lifetime! Something I will look back on for years to come. I know this experience will make me a better person and I will be able to share my experience with the next generation of scouts.”

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls said: “Congratulations to the Surrey Heath Scouts and all the other young people who have been selected to represent their communities at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015. Over the course of the Jamboree these young people will be able to meet people from around the world, take part in amazing adventures and experiences and be challenged to think about global issues in a new light. I wish them all the best and I know they are going to have an amazing time over the 18 months in the run up to the event”


Surrey Heath Youth Forum

Windle Valley Youth Project - WVYPA new Forum for all statutory and voluntary organisations who work with young people aged 11-19 in Surrey Heath is being organised by the Windle Valley Youth Project.

The aim is to bring together those who work with and represent young people in Surrey Heath to explore joint working, to identify gaps in provision, to share resources and information and to provide a channel for young people to put forward their views and ideas to local decision makers.

The first Forum is to be held at the Surrey Heath Borough Council offices, on Tuesday 29th April from 4 – 6 pm in the members’ room. Councillor Liane Gibson, who holds the Children & Young People’s brief in her portfolio is supporting the Project and will be attending the meeting along with the Leader of the council, Councillor Moira Gibson.

Councillor Liane Gibson said: “We are interested to hear the views of all groups within the borough including young people. The new forum is a great opportunity to discuss the range of services provided by local organisations and share ideas from young people about what they want and need.”

If YOU work with young people aged 11 – 19 years, please join us at this first meeting of the Surrey Heath Youth Forum.

To book a place, or for more information, please e-mail:

Free expert advice for Surrey businesses

Trading Standards Business AdviceDo you run a business in Surrey? If so, you can get a free hour of business advice, however large or small your business is, to ensure you’re complying with crucial consumer protection laws. Qualified Surrey Trading Standards professionals from the Business Advice team give accurate, expert advice on topics including product labelling, age restrictions, food safety and weights and measures.

After the first free hour of advice a charge will be made, but at a much more competitive rate than that of a solicitor or business consultant. To register your business for this service visit or email or call 01372 371737.

Find out more about how the Business Advice Service can be of help by visiting the Trading Standards business web pages and join in the conversation on Twitter using #SurreyBusinessAdvice.

Bagshot and SVP Flood Relief Effort - Tina Carney (7)It is official, Bagshot Village is full of most fantastically generous and community spirited people, who are not currently under water!!

The donations poured in from all directions …. at least 5 trolleys from The Cooperative, who by accounts had several gaps on their shelves as people walked around with their ‘Flood Wish Lists’. It took at least 5 trolleys to get the donations from The Three Mariners, and we lost count of the number of times we had bags from Unique, Alboe, The Kings Arms, The Bagshot Village Cafe, Howlands, The Gift Shop, Daniels and people just dropping in. The Half Moon brought over at least three large car boot full and Budgens send a van and two young men to empty it! There were also collections from our Camberley drop off points and donations from the Farnborough Food Bank. Thankfully, we were joined by many volunteers, of whom the youngest, Tom and Matt certainly did their fair share of the running between the front and back of the shop! Everyone set about the task of sorting, boxing up and then loading onto the SVP van. We managed to fill the van and it was sent on its merry way to our first drop offs in Egham and New Haw ………. however, there is still enough donations to fill the van at least once again with bits left over! Phenomenal considering we only started all this on Thursday! There were also some ‘money’ donations, which we weren’t expecting, but this has actually gone towards paying for the fuel for the van, so this is an added bonus!! Special thanks to Karen, who kept the Bagshot Village Cafe open to keep us supplied with refreshments on the house!

What can we say …… we are just so proud of ‘Bagshot Village’ and of course the surrounding Surrey Heath area who have joined us – the two recipient centres were very very grateful for the contributions. They are thankful that they are not alone in their plight and that the wider Surrey community are thinking about them and extending help. There will be further drop off next week to the Englefield Green and Sunbury Centres – at least that is the plan at this stage. This is very much a learning curve for everyone involved – there are many public agencies, charities, volunteer and resident groups ‘on the front line’ and so we are being flexible and listening carefully to individual group needs. It is very clear, that more will need to be done over the coming weeks, so we will continue collecting items until at least the end of the month. The Bagshot Scout Group are also keen to get involved and so we are putting our heads together as to an ‘event’ we can coordinate. So keep watching this space!!

Sunday is a day of rest so unless something drastic happens, you will not be getting one of my update missives!

Attached are a few photos from today – not the greatest, but you will get the gist. There are more on our Facebook page !

Tina, Valerie and John and the ‘team’