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This might be one reason why people chose to drive rather than use public transport

Deepcut Bus StopOn Wednesday this week I decided to get the bus to Woking from Deepcut. I have a client there and I thought the time on the bus would be a great chance for me to catch up on emails. Also I am becoming more and more conscious that using public transport over our cars has to be more sustainable.

However, the experience was so bad I had to abandon the trip before I even got on a bus.

As I walked back from the bus stop to my car the only thing I could think was “Its no wonder people chose to drive over public transport”.

The bus to Woking (No 48) from Deepcut only operates every 2 hours. My understanding is that it used to operate every hour but the demand for the service was so low it was cut back to every 2 hours. After a conversation with a county councillor today (11th September 2014), there is a very real danger the service (and others) could be cut altogether.

When I arrived at the bus stop the first issue was that the Digital Real Time Passenger Information Board was not working so there was no way of knowing if the bus was delayed or cancelled.

The bus to Woking was due at 0943. At 1005 there was still no sign of the bus so I looked around the shelter for a phone number I might be able to call for more info. There was a poster from Surrey County Council with a phone number on but when I called it there was an announcement that said “this number has changed to” but I did not have a pen to write it down. The poster had an update on it that dated back to 2008 which suggests that this poster has not been updated until around then.

I looked at the timetable which said the bus is operated by Dicksons Travel and gave a phone number. So I called that but only got an answer phone.

By now it was 1015 and I could not hang around any longer so I walked back to my car.

This service is sub standard at every level. Clearly the bus company that operate it are incapable at even basic communication and Surrey County Council do not take public transport in the outlying areas of the county very seriously.

Unless the basics are addressed then there is no viable alternative to the car, at least in Deepcut.