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Sturt Road bridge flooding issues continue – Have you signed the ePetition?

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Description: The Sturt Road bridge flooding issues continue. If you have not already done so, then please sign this ePetition

Nine charged in second week of drink driving campaign

UK-Police-breathalyzer-2Nine people have been charged in the second week (December 8-14) of Surrey Police’s crackdown on drink or drug-driving related offences.

The Force, jointly with Sussex Police and the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, Drive Smart in Surrey and the independent charity Crimestoppers started the campaign last week, which will run throughout December. It brings the total charged so far to 23.

As part of the campaign the Force will be proactively releasing the names of those that have been charged, while officers will be Tweeting about people who have been stopped on suspicion of drink or drug-driving offences, giving brief details such as when and where the motorists were pulled over.

For the full list of those charged on each day see below:

December 9

John Gill, 24, of Hoppers Road, north London was stopped on the A3 in Esher. He was charged with failing to provide a specimen for analysis, driving without insurance and otherwise than in accordance with a licence. He has been released on bail to attend Staines Magistrates Court on December 31.

Inderpal Singh Phlora, 40, of Carmalt Gardens, Hersham, was stopped in Esher. He was charged for being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle. He has been released on bail to attend Staines Magistrates Court on January 14.

December 11

William Matthew Thomas Underwood, 61, of Middleview Drive, Normandy, was stopped in Woking. He was charged with drink driving. He was released on bail to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on December 30.

December 12

Garry Sheargold, 59, of Elgar Avenue, Surbiton was stopped in East Molesey. He was charged with drink driving and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence. He has been released on bail to appear at Staines Magistrates Court on January 14.

December 13

David Frank Newman, 76, of Portsmouth Road, Godalming, was stopped in Godalming. He was charged with drink driving and released on bail to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on December 31.

Cameron Ashley Coxhead, 19, of Marlis Close Bagshot, was stopped in Camberley and charged with drink driving. He has been released on bail to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on December 31.

December 14

Shaun Judd, 40, of The Cardinals, Tongham, was stopped on the A3 at Wisley. He was charged with drink driving and released on bail to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on January 8.

Mark Anthony Butler, 43, of Deanside, Camberley was stopped in Camberley. He was charged with drink driving and released on bail to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on January 6.

Perry Fidler, 22, of St Johns Road, Hedge End, Hampshire, was stopped on the M25 at Wisley. He was charged with drink driving and released on bail to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on January 6.

To keep up to date with our officers looking for drink drivers, follow @SurreyRoadCops on Twitter. People in Sussex and Surrey can text 65999 to provide details of suspected drink or drug drivers.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.If you know someone is driving whilst over the prescribed limit or after taking drugs call 999.

Disruption for residents and motorists as flooding problem continues – Via getSURREY

Sturt Road BridgeFlooding under a railway bridge in Frimley Green continues to be a problem for residents and motorists, and has even led to the cancellation of a school church service.

The issue has been a problem in Sturt Road for many years, with the current problem of standing water going on for the past month.

Residents say the water can be up to a foot deep but the county’s highways authority insists the stretch of road is the responsibility of Network Rail.

Surrey County Council has been working with Network Rail to get the problem fixed and on Monday (December 8), council contractors were seen clearing a blocked drain and pumping water away.

However, it remains unclear whether the road will remain flood-free on a permanent basis.

Della Kent, who lives in Frimley Green, said: “The problem has been going on for the last month. I walk to work every day and have to walk through there every morning.

“It is filthy. The cars splash water all over the pavement.

“Schoolchildren and elderly people walk through there.

“I have written to Surrey County Council about three times so far, only last time I put Michael Gove and got a reply.”

Mr Gove, MP for Surrey Heath, has since written to the chief executive of Network Rail to demand that the problem is sorted.

Read full story at:

Cliff Hilton talks about Sturt Road Bridge Flooding ePetition – Podcast

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The ePetition can be found here:

IMG_3772This afternoon while passing through the Sturt Road Bridge I noticed a Surrey County Council pump and operatives attempting to clear the blockage causing the flooding.

Recently this issue has caused an enormous amount of upset in the community. Such is the strength of feeling that one resident has set up an on-line e-Petition which at the time of writing has had 536 signatures (including my own).

My understanding is that this has been an issue for many years so the criticism levelled at Surrey County Council could be justified.

So when I saw the pump and operatives at the Bridge today, perhaps the growing calls from the community for action is starting to filter through.

I took a look at the work going on close up and there was large pieces of tarmac being pulled from the blockage (see images below). The site manager said that in his opinion this was not as a result of the recent road surfacing works that had been carried out at the site and that they could have been from many years ago. I am not an expert so I have to trust the experts view.

Recently I have received many emails and messages via social media about this issue. These include several people (young and old) who have been soaked to the skin walking through the bridge and irresponsible drivers driving through at speed causing a wall of water inside the bridge and over the narrow pedestrian footpath. I have also had communication from a motorcyclist who came of his bike due to the water freezing the other morning. Finally, to the immense disappointment of children from Frimley Church of England School and their families the head teacher took the difficult decision to cancel the school carol service at St Andrews Church due to safety concerns as the children would have to negotiate that bridge. I don’t think anyone could blame her for the decision. I have a child who would have had to walk through the bridge so I fully support her in the decision.

I sincerely hope that whoever is responsible for the flooding, be it Surrey County Council or Network Rail, that a permanent remedy is found.




ePetition for council to introduce shorter payment options at Camberley Main Square Car Park

An ePetition has been created which calls for the council to introduce shorter payment options at the Camberley Main Square Car Park.

The Petition reads:

“We believe Surrey Heath should offer a minimum 30 minute and a 1 hour payment option instead of the minimum 2 hours presently offered in Main Square car park. We believe it is unreasonable to overcharge visitors with a minimum of 2 hours when they only wish to pop-in to town buy a pint of milk, visit the bank or make a quick purchase, it is bad for the community, reputation, viability and overhaul future of the town its ratepayers and businesses. We believe Surrey Heath should respect the wishes of their ratepayers and businesses and implement this change as soon as possible”.

To view the ePetition visit:


Surrey Police and Sussex Police work together to support counter terrorism awareness campaign

Police across Sussex and Surrey are supporting a national counter terrorism awareness campaign to encourage people to be vigilant and tell them about simple measures they can take to make it harder for terrorists to attack the UK.

Following the increase of the international terrorism threat to severe, there is a heightened need to ensure that the UK is in the best position to deter and detect potential terrorist threats.

The focus throughout the week from 24 to 29 November is on five key areas where action by the police, businesses and the public can help prevent terrorism: crowded places, transport hubs, preventing violent extremism, terrorist financing,
and the tools that terrorists need to operate.

Officers and staff will be carrying out a range of visits, events and related activities to bring home to the public the dangers of terrorism and what they can do to help combat it

Assistant Chief Constable Stuart Cundy, Head of the Surrey and Sussex Specialist Crime Command, said; “While the severe threat level indicates that it is highly likely that a terrorist attack could happen in the UK, there is currently no specific intelligence of a terrorist attack.

“But everybody, from law enforcement, to businesses, to the general public, has a role to play in keeping the UK safe from terrorism.

“Be vigilant. If you suspect it, report it. Nobody is better placed to detect something that is out of place in their communities than the people living in them.

“We encourage people to report suspicious activity by calling the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.”

In Sussex and Surrey, a range of activities are taking place, including;

On Monday 24 November the focus is on the ongoing work to train more people working in shopping centres, cinemas, sports stadiums and other businesses to look out for suspicious behaviour and what they should do if an attack happens.

Special ‘Operation Griffin’ briefing sessions for local staff are taking place at the Amex Stadium in Brighton and at the University of Surrey.

On Tuesday 25 November police will be at transport hubs – Gatwick, Brighton, Guidlford and Woking railway stations, and at the M25 services area at Clackett Lane and Cobham, advising commuters on how to look out for suspicious behaviour and what they should do if an attack happens.

On Wednesday 26 November there will be Prevent’ briefings for students and staff at Colleges in Horsham and North Surrey, and at the Universities of Brighton, Surrey and Chichester. Terrorist groups who pose a threat to us seek to recruit people to their cause but the percentage of people who are prepared to support violent extremism in the UK is very small. Communities can work together to develop resilience to extremist influences and the Prevent programme is part of the counter-terrorism strategy. Its aim is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

On Thursday 27 November activity includes similar ‘Prevent’ awareness briefings to Surrey Fire and Rescue staff, and to money bureaux in Crawley, Woking, Brighton and Gatwick.

The money bureaux briefings ackowledge that the fight against terrorism includes effective actions to impede the flow of funds that terrorist organisations depend upon to secure weapons and other materials. Terrorists raise money through money laundering, posing as charity fundraisers, placing false charity collection boxes in shops and a wide range of criminal activity.

Law enforcement agencies are also active at all international ports to prevent criminal funds being couriered overseas to aid terrorists.

On Friday 28 November police are engaging with shooting associations and clubs to encourage people to report any concerns about the behaviour of gun owners or users.

Police are asking businesses selling explosives to keep to security standards. Police are asking farmers, retailers and their associations to report any suspicious activity around fertilisers and other chemicals that can be made into explosives.

On Friday 28 and Saturday 29 November officers who normally work behind the scenes will be taking part in a series of local ‘meet the public’ events to brief communities on the terrorist threat.

Other work includes briefings to all police officers and staff.

Petition – Change the decision to fund cancer treatment for Tomlinscote teacher Alice Dann

Alice DannThis week I have received literally dozens of emails, direct messages and text messages urging me to publish this petition on the Residents Network.

While at Tomlinscote School this evening I bumped into my good friend Ian Jarrett who also pleaded with me to publish the petition. He said that Alice is a much loved teacher not only by her colleagues but also from the young people who attend Tomlinscote.

Having taken the time to find out a little bit about Alice, it is clear to me that she is a remarkable woman who deserves our full support.

I will be signing the petition and I would encourage everyone who reads this to do the same.