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Local campaigns that need community support

Cllr Mike Goodman’s ePetition for a strategic review of HGV access to #Windlesham and #Chobham

Photo 07-06-2014 16 45 15Surrey County Councillor Mike Goodman has set up an ePetition to Stop the increase of large HGV’s through the villages of Windlesham and Chobham.

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Help available to local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations #CommunitySpiritSurrey – Video blog

sean_usherCommunity Spirit is alive and well in Surrey but one of the things I hear over and over again by people involved with community groups, charities and voluntary organisations is that they sometimes struggle to raise their profile in the community.

It was really these groups in our community which was the inspiration behind the Residents Network when it was originally set up.

Local media expert and professional broadcaster Sean Usher has joined the Surrey Residents Network to help any community group, charity or voluntary organisation in the Surrey area raise their profiles and he will be doing this with a regular internet show called #CommunitySpiritSurrey

The best way to find out about the show and how you can take part is to watch the video below. Please share it with anyone you think might be looking to shine some light on their work in the community.

If you want to take part just like the Surrey Residents Network facebook page and get in touch by sending a direct message.

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The audio only version of this broadcast is available here

Proactive Dog Fouling Patrols being carried out in Surrey Heath – Podcast

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Description: Cllr Paul Deach & Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer Russell Lister conduct a dog fouling patrol across areas of Surrey Heath in a proactive campaign targeting irresponsible dog owners.

Surrey Heath Local Area Committee 12th March 2015 – The podcasts

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Thank you to Paul Chapman for providing the audio to this meeting.

New Video Launches Campaign to Challenge Misconceptions of Hospice

John Maturin - Phyllis Tuckwell HospicePhyllis Tuckwell Hospice, along with local video production professional Jack Taylor, has released a new video to challenge people’s misconceptions of what a Hospice is really like.

“Many people think a hospice is just a building, where people come to die,” says Tony Carpenter, Head of Marketing and Communications at Phyllis Tuckwell. “We want to start to challenge that idea, and over the next months will be showing the variety of care and support which we offer, not only to our patients, but to their families and carers as well.”

Local video producer Jack Taylor, whose Twitter offer to help a local charity for free was snapped up by the Hospice, also had the same misconceptions. However, after having a look around the Hospice and meeting its staff and patients, he soon changed his mind. “Visiting the Hospice blew me away,” he confessed. “It was an eye-opening experience. Your team are amazing.”

Jack’s visit showed him the specialist end of life care which the Hospice offers to its patients in the community and at home, as well as at the Hospice itself. He saw how its doctors and nurses help manage patients’ symptoms and control their pain, while its therapists help keep them mobile and independent, advising on coping with fatigue, stress and anxiety, and relieving pain and discomfort through treatments such as massage and reflexology. Hospice social workers offer practical support, from applying for car disability badges to ensuring that patients are receiving the correct State benefits, while its counsellors and chaplains offer emotional and spiritual support.

After much discussion, it was decided that the best approach would be to show a patient’s perspective of the Hospice.  Cancer patient John Maturin was delighted to give his own personal account of his experiences of Phyllis Tuckwell. Along with his daughter Hanna, John talked about how the Hospice had come into their lives in their hour of need, offering medical care in the form of pain relief and symptom management, as well as emotional and practical support.

“I think people have a conception of hospices as places where people go to die” says John. “But I couldn’t have been more wrong. This really is a happy place. It’s not a place to die, it’s a place to live, and to live for as long as you possibly can.”

The video, which was launched in mid-February, has already had over 2,000 views on Facebook and nearly 100 on YouTube. To see the video, visit the Hospice YouTube channel (PTHospice) at, the PTH website, PTH’s Facebook page or the Jack Taylor Productions website


Much loved Surrey Heath Children Service under threat from Surrey County Council

IMG_8020This morning I have received frantic pleas of support from local mums of young children who face having their muched loved Sure Start Centre closed.

Mothers received the below letter from the Mytchett Sure Start Centre yesterday and immediately set up an online petition.

It would be a huge loss to the community if this centre is allowed to be closed and I have signed the ePetition to show my support.

Many of the young families I represent have benefited enormously from the services the Centre provides across Surrey Heath and whenever I visit it is exceptionally well used.

Could I urge all local residents to sign the ePetition and to make contact with your County Councillor to express your support for the centre. Even if you have not directly benefited from the service, I can assure you that the knock on effects to the whole community of not supporting some of these young families would be significant in terms of cost and impact and would effect us all in one way or another.

While I accept there needs to be cost saving measures, the closure of this centre and the services it offers would be a devastating blow to our community and would be a step to far.

For more information about the Mytchett Sure Start Centre and the remarkable services it provides please check out this podcast I recorded some time ago with the Centre Manager:

The online ePetiton can be found here:

The Surrey Heath County Councillors are:

Cllr Bill Chapman

Cllr Mike Goodman

Cllr Denis Fuller

Cllr David Ivison

Cllr Adrian Page

Cllr Chris Pitt

Mytchett Sure Start Letter


Brian May considering standing against Michael Gove in the General Election

Dr Brian MayCamberley & Sandhurst News & Mail has reported today that Queen guitar legend Dr Brian May is considering taking on Surrey Heath MP & Chief Whip Michael Gove in the May General Election.

The local paper describes it as a “Mouth watering prospect”.

Dr May is a staunch animal rights activist and a huge supporter of the local animal charity Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.

He has also been a huge critic of the Conservative Party desire to re-introduce blood sports and this is clearly a way of taking the fight to the heart of Westminster.

The General Election will already prove to be interesting but if Dr May does actually go ahead with this, then things will be fascinating.