PrePAY car parking comes to Camberley

SHBC Pre-Pay ParkingSurrey Heath Borough Council has introduced a new online prePAY system in its multi-storey car parks.

Car park users, whether for business or leisure, can now register for an account which allows them to enter and exit the car parks without having to pay at a pay station.

By topping up their online account using a credit or debit card, the new system will allow users to pay for their parking upfront, therefore avoiding the need to carry cash, or queue to pay on exit.

In conjunction with the Ticketless Barrier Controlled Systems already introduced in these car parks, where access barriers capture number plate information as vehicles enter, the new prepay system aims to make parking easier and reduce congestion around Camberley town centre.

Leigh Thornton, Executive Head of Business for Surrey Heath Borough Council, said: “We were looking at upgrading the existing equipment, so it was a good time to see what technology is available, and how we can make the whole experience of visiting Camberley even better for our customers.”

The seamless parking solution is delivered in partnership with NewPark Solutions and ADVAM, and is in operation in Camberley’s Main Square and Knoll Road multi-storey car parks.

It offers a fully manageable online account, with auto top-up, and email and text credit notifications available.

An added benefit of the prePAY service is the council will be able to use the data to gain an insight into how the car parks are being used. This will allow them to further improve the service, and also provide personalised loyalty bonuses or parking promotions to users.

Leigh Thornton added: “We’re really excited to be offering this new solution, making it a lot easier for residents, visitors and businesses to use the parking facilities.”

The new online prePAY system will operate alongside the existing ticketless cash payment system at the relevant car parks.

To further improve the experience for those looking to park in Camberley Town Centre, Surrey Heath has also launched a new online service, Car Park Spaces Live. This web page updates every 10 minutes to show how many spaces are available in the car parks. In conjunction with the PrePay solution, users can now see where a space is available and enter and exit the car park without the need to pay at a pay station.

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