Surrey Police issues safety warning to motorists following delay on M25

Surrey Police is advising members of the public to stay patient during traffic delays for their own and other motorists’ safety.The call follows an incident on the M25 on Saturday (August 8) in which officers saw a number of vehicles turning around and driving against parked traffic on the motorway. 
The manoeuvre happened during a delay on the clockwise stretch near to Clacket Lane service station and was caused by a fire in the cab of a tanker which meant both sides of the carriageway had to be closed because of the risk posed to passing vehicles.
Sergeant Phil Dix from the Surrey Police’s Roads Policing Unit said: “Closing one of the busiest roads in the country is not a decision we make lightly and we ask that motorists please remain patient and understand that we are doing it for their safety.
“Driving against the traffic not only puts your life at risk, but others too, and also severely hinders the speed at which the emergency services can respond.
“We can be delayed because members of the public gather on the hard shoulder; leave their cars unattended, or sometimes take their dog for a walk on the grass verge.”
One motorist who drove against the traffic in lane 4 before turning into Clacket Lane Service Station has been reported to court for dangerous driving.

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