The clean up operation following Heatherside Traveller incursion gets underway

Heatherside Traveller Incursion - June 2015The clean up Operation following the Heatherside Traveller incursion has got under way.

Operatives have attended the site today and made a start on the large number of fly tips around the edges of both playing fields. Initial rough estimates are that there could be as much as 25 tonnes of debris and rubbish left by the travellers. This consists of a large amount of garden waste from landscape gardening works undertaken by the travellers as well as building rubble and other commercial type waste. I have posted a video on my facebook page which shows the extent of the flytips and rubbish at

There is also a lot litter and rubbish sacks to be cleared away and that phase of the clean up operation begins early tomorrow morning.

I would like to appeal to local residents to stay away from the two fields that were occupied by the Travellers until council operatives have had chance to clear away the debris, some of which could be potentially hazardous.

This is an audio podcast taken from my live broadcast from the Heatherside Recreation Ground immediately after the travellers had departed.

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3 thoughts on “The clean up operation following Heatherside Traveller incursion gets underway

  1. John Wood

    So will these ‘travellers’ be charged for this? Should they not be prosecuted for fly tipping? What action will SHBC take apart from charging us the council tax payers for this?

  2. Doreen Costar

    Hi Eve, just thought you would be interested in the fact the gypsies have at last been kicked off, and this what they have left. The kids can’t even use the foot ball fields till the specialist clean up gangs make it all safe. All because of that European Human Rights Act, they could not be kicked off straight away!!! Love from Dee xx Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 18:03:19 +0000 To:


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