#SurreyPCCLive with Kevin Hurley – Live on-line broadcast on Tuesday 11th June at 10.30am

Surrey PCC - Kevin Hurley - #SurreyPCCLiveOn Tuesday 16th June at 10.30am Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner ( PCC ) @kvnbhrly1 will be doing a live on-line broadcast with @PaulDeach.

If you have a question there are several ways you can have your question read out for the PCC to answer live:

  • Use the comment form on this post
  • Use the contact form
  • Tweet your question using the hashtag #SurreyPCCLive
  • Use the Q&A at the #SurreyPCCLive event page.

The event will be live streamed on youtube at: #SurreyPCCLive

A recording of the event will be made available on the Residents Network for those who are unable to watch live.


One thought on “#SurreyPCCLive with Kevin Hurley – Live on-line broadcast on Tuesday 11th June at 10.30am

  1. Alan Butler

    Suggested Q: What is Surrey PCC doing to put pressure on the Government to limit TV ads promoting gambling, an obsession that often becomes an addiction that leads to debt which in turn leads to crime to fund more gambling – creating a downward spiral? Gambling is also made easier by the widespread use of smart phones and the growth of high-street betting shops. I counted 18 different betting companies advertising on TV in just the past 24 hours. We prohibit hard drugs – another harmful addiction – so why not gambling too? The rot started when the last Labour Government relaxed betting laws in 2007, probably to win over ‘working class’ voter and bring more ill-gotten gains to the Treasury – through tax – in a vain attempt to stave off the financial crisis. Since then, TV gambling ad spend has increased by 600%.

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