6 thoughts on “Mayor Making Ceremony – Cllr Joanne Potter

  1. Alan Butler

    Is Joanne a relative of Bob Potter, the proprietor of the Lakeside Club? If so, there is surely a potential conflict of interest..

    1. deachy

      Alan. Yes she is. I really do not see how there is any conflict of interest. Not one of the 40 councillors present during the meeting thought there was either. The councils monitoring officer was present and she did not have a problem with it either. Do you know something that the rest of us don’t?

      1. Alan Butler

        I understand he makes frequent applications for planning permission for his various enterprises. This could give him an unfair advantage. Perhaps I’m being pedantic but he does have a reputation for being the local del-boy. However, his operations do provide many jobs for local people.

          1. Alan Butler

            I assume she would have an influence over the planning committee. Hopefully she would declare her interest and it would be disregarded by the committee but, as you will know, this is not always the case in local authorities.

          2. deachy

            The Mayor has absolutely no influence over the planning applications committee. Moreover, whenever a councillor has a pecuniary interest with any item on an agenda then they are compelled to leave the meeting and not take part in proceedings. That is always the case with this local authority in my experience so your views are completely without foundation.

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