First resident in Surrey Heath awarded £3,500 grant for solid wall insulation

Ron Marsh - Viv ChapmanA Camberley resident has been awarded £3,500 towards making his home warmer and more energy efficient, through Action Surrey’s ‘Streets Ahead’ project.

Funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and supported by Surrey Heath Borough Council, Streets Ahead provides grant funding for Surrey’s residents who live in properties which are not suitable for cavity wall insulation.

Following a Green Deal Assessment of the home, arranged by Action Surrey, resident Ron Marsh was provided with recommendations of how to improve his homes’ energy efficiency. He was delighted that he could save over £200 per year on his energy bills by installing solid wall insulation. Plus with the financial assistance from Streets Ahead he has only had to contribute roughly half of the cost for his installation.

With the support of Streets Ahead arranging his preferred installer to provide a suitable quote, he is now looking forward to the solid wall insulation reducing the level of heat being lost through his walls, as well as preventing issues of condensation. He commented: “We are looking forward to the benefits of having it done. The current solid walls create condensation upstairs – it would be interesting to see if it occurs once the work is completed.”

Surrey Heath’s portfolio holder for community Councillor Vivienne Chapman, said:
“Homes that are more energy efficient not only help save heating costs and keep us warmer in the winter, they’re good for the environment too. I’m delighted that alternative types of insulation are now being offered in cases where cavity wall insulation isn’t suitable. There are still over 400 grants of £3,500 available to assist residents in the installation of solid wall insulation.”

Neither of these grants are means or age tested, and are purely based on the construction of your home and are on the basis that 50% of the walls which are suitable for solid wall insulation are insulated.

Find out more. Contact Streets Ahead today, call 0333 014 3620 or visit streetsahead

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