An important election not just nationally but locally too #SurreyHeath2015

#SurreyHeath2015 - Full SizeThere is a lot of media nationally about how the General Election is going to be the most important election ever and while I completely agree, there are local elections too and residents in Surrey Heath will have a chance to decide who represents them at Surrey Heath Borough Council.

I believe social media will play a very important role in the democratic process, more than ever before and that is why I have created the hashtag #SurreyHeath2015 which will make engagement of your local representatives / candidates much easier. That engagement can go both ways.

The hashtag works on twitter and facebook. For those who do not know what a hashtag is I thought I would try and explain in a very simple terms.

A hashtag allows all posts that contain a hashtag to be grouped together so that they can easily be found. Clicking/tapping on a hashtag is all you have to do to have all the posts containing that hashtag displayed on your screen with the most recent at the top.

In the case of the #SurreyHeath2015 hashtag not only can the candidates add the hashtag to their posts so that residents can easily find posts relating to their election campaigns but it is also a great way for residents to highlight particular issues in the community and draw the candidates attention to those issues. If you feel strongly about something be it a national, county or local issue then post something on your facebook or twitter and use the #SurreyHeath2015 hashtag.

I have also extended an invite to all local political parties and independents to have their own contributor accounts to the Surrey Residents Network podcast channel. That means they can add their own podcasts to the channel without their podcasts being moderated. Recording a podcast is very simple and the only equipment needed is a smartphone. I have also set up a playlist for all podcasts relating to #SurreyHeath2015 so they are easy to find.

Often I hear people say Social Media should not replace face to face communication, and I completely agree with that. But digital channels of communication should not be ignored either. There is an enormous vibrant digital community in Surrey Heath that is alive and well and I for one am proud to be a part of it.



3 thoughts on “An important election not just nationally but locally too #SurreyHeath2015

  1. Mike

    Please find a copy of an important request made to those asking to represent Surrey Heath.
    Originally sent 5 years ago [pre last election], and again this month.

    On behalf of the Surrey Heath voters, thank you again for taking the time last night to meet a few of the people you would like to represent.

    Good luck next week.

    Following the public session, we took time to discuss my request for you to consider reform of our UK voting system.


    • To merge our UK Parliamentary and EU constituencies into a single entity.
    • To re-establish the South Eastern England Regional assembly that Labour closed down.

    I understand that this issue is difficult for the UK Parliament to acknowledge and ever hold an honest debate, most certainly it would be like asking “Turkeys to Vote for Christmas”.

    However until we reform our confused EU position, voters in the UK will continue to be disadvantaged. We in South Eastern England in particular [as the largest EU constituency] have been completely disenfranchised by Labour.

    It is a debate that the current Government have managed to avoid /suppress – to their shame.

    Please remember we are in the EU.

    Scotland, Wales and NI have their own huge budgets to establish and maintain their Regional Identity [Assembly/Parliament] Greater London Authority have the Lord Mayor and over 600 permanent staff. We in the SEE Constituency are much larger.

    I would ask you this – what representation budget does South Eastern England hold?

    So what are the immediate benefits to us in the SE if we took the step described

    • True representation. Votes that count. Then watch the voters turn out.
    • One focused team facing UK and EU Parliament
    • Team dedicated to our area – London career politicians need not apply
    • Strengthen Local & Regional identity rather than create English Parliament
    • A Fair share and distribution of central UK and EU funds
    • The Bartnett Formula removed immediately
    • Reduced headcount in Whitehall to cover National HQ issues only
    • RDA’s no longer toothless as they work for the Regional Assembly
    • MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath would not need to leave Scotland again
    • Prime Minister elected separately.

  2. Steve

    @VoteMytchett will be using social media and the #SurreyHeath2015 hashtag to keep the voters of Deepcut and Mytchett informed of the opportunity to meet their candidates “in the flesh” for borough councillor at the VoteMytchett event at 7pm on Thursday 16th April at the Mytchett Community Centre.

    It will be an informal and non-partisan environment with special guests and refreshments – follow @VoteMytchett on twitter for updates!


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