Surrey Heath Crime Summit – The Podcasts

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1 thought on “Surrey Heath Crime Summit – The Podcasts

  1. Paul J Chapman

    The Q&A was dominated by talk of the loss of revenue for police and the cost of a referendum to raise more. The main arguments seemed to be;
    a) There would be 40,000 new homes in Surrey in the next ten years so there’s the extra funding, and
    b) Why should we pay? The government should be paying.

    Thinking about this afterwards, both are flawed arguments.

    Yes, 40,000 new homes will bring in significant income (though not enough and not soon enough) but these houses and the people in them will need police help from time to time – they will be victims of burglary, car crime, vandalism. Some may have unruly and delinquent children that cause trouble etc. So unless these 40,000 houses pay in without getting anything in return there is no net benefit. The contribution per household across the County will remain the same.

    Whilst I agree that the government should pay – they don’t have any money, it’s all our money. They simply collect it and re-distribute it. Kevin’s plan was for each household to pay an extra £50 per year directly to the Police budget. If this contribution was to come from tax rises (or whatever) and go through the labyrinthine maze of government departments before coming out in Surrey Police pockets how much of the £50 would be left? precious little I’d imagine.

    For me, the opportunity to directly fund something that I support rather than contributing to a large pot of money and hoping it gets to where I want it to go, is definitely an improvement.


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