Surrey announces council tax proposal

Surrey County CouncilSurrey County Council has announced its proposed council tax recommendation for next year.

The Cabinet will meet to make a formal recommendation on Tuesday 3 February. A final decision will be taken at a meeting of Surrey’s Full Council on Tuesday 10 February.

Leader David Hodge said: “With unprecedented demand for services we are proposing a 1.99% increase, which is the bare minimum we need given that our government grant has gone down £24 million this year. Anything more would mean wasting as much as £2m on a referendum.

“It should be remembered that we’ve saved £260m in the last four years – equivalent to around a quarter of our budget – despite the huge increase in demand for school places and adult social care, with the latter set to soak up all those savings by next year.”

  • Growing demand for social care support will cost £18m extra next year alone to meet the needs of around 700 more vulnerable adults
  • New care responsibilities will cost up to £150m without increased funding
  • Surrey needs 13,000 additional school places in the next five years
  • The council has saved £260m in the last four years and plans to save around £330m more by 2019
  • Government grant has gone down £24m this year.

Further information can be found in a council report.

3 thoughts on “Surrey announces council tax proposal

  1. adrianpage2012

    Spot on Deachy. Takes a lot of organising all that ‘Community Stuff’ which makes Surrey Heath one of the most desirable places to live in the SE. Bins are important though. Apparently SHBC are within the top ten in the country.

  2. Ellie May

    I am sick and tired of having less and less to live on because of other people. It seems to me that apart from my bins being emptied I get very little else for all I have to pay on my modest home. It is about time others started paying their way instead of always take, take, take.

    1. deachy

      Ellie I hear that comment a lot about bins. If you honestly think that is all you get for your council tax then I urge you to take your blinkers off and pay attention to what goes on around you. Here are just a small amount of examples of what you council tax pays for. This is by no means a complete list:

      Youth Services
      Adult Social Care
      Environmental Services
      Leisure & Recreation
      Fire Service
      Democratic Services
      Economic Development
      Development Control
      Licensed Businesses
      Community Services (such as meals on wheels)

      For a full list of SHBC services check out:

      For a full list of Surrey County Council Services:

      Finally I understand your point about those in society not doing their bit and to a small degree I agree but there is an enormous amount that goes on in the community that you directly benefit from out of your hard earned tax pounds.


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