IMG_3772This afternoon while passing through the Sturt Road Bridge I noticed a Surrey County Council pump and operatives attempting to clear the blockage causing the flooding.

Recently this issue has caused an enormous amount of upset in the community. Such is the strength of feeling that one resident has set up an on-line e-Petition which at the time of writing has had 536 signatures (including my own).

My understanding is that this has been an issue for many years so the criticism levelled at Surrey County Council could be justified.

So when I saw the pump and operatives at the Bridge today, perhaps the growing calls from the community for action is starting to filter through.

I took a look at the work going on close up and there was large pieces of tarmac being pulled from the blockage (see images below). The site manager said that in his opinion this was not as a result of the recent road surfacing works that had been carried out at the site and that they could have been from many years ago. I am not an expert so I have to trust the experts view.

Recently I have received many emails and messages via social media about this issue. These include several people (young and old) who have been soaked to the skin walking through the bridge and irresponsible drivers driving through at speed causing a wall of water inside the bridge and over the narrow pedestrian footpath. I have also had communication from a motorcyclist who came of his bike due to the water freezing the other morning. Finally, to the immense disappointment of children from Frimley Church of England School and their families the head teacher took the difficult decision to cancel the school carol service at St Andrews Church due to safety concerns as the children would have to negotiate that bridge. I don’t think anyone could blame her for the decision. I have a child who would have had to walk through the bridge so I fully support her in the decision.

I sincerely hope that whoever is responsible for the flooding, be it Surrey County Council or Network Rail, that a permanent remedy is found.




2 thoughts on “Surrey County Council Highways attempt to fix flooding at Sturt Road Bridge

  1. Rich

    Good to see something being done. Unfortunately Paul, there is still plenty of water under the bridge this evening – on the other side to that shown as being worked on in your photographs… The roundabout at the end of Wharf road was ‘interesting’ first thing on Saturday morning. I’ve never before seen that icy since it was installed many moons ago!

    1. A Bunce

      What a shame that whatever they tried hasn’t worked. I contacted network rail today and they said they were aware of the problems but were unable to give a time frame on a fix.
      I’ve been forced to cycle to Frimley station rather than Ash Vale which has added even more time to my lengthly commute. I’m just not prepared to risk going under the bridge until I know it’s safe.


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