Sturt Road Bridge Flooding – Video blog

The flooding at this bridge has been a problem for many years. Elderly residents and young parents walking children to school are among the many pedestrians that use this walking route and have complained to me about getting drenched by inconsiderate motorists driving through the water at speed as shown in this video which I captured only a few days ago.

It is about time Surrey County Council, Surrey Heath Borough Council and Network Rail get their heads together to resolve this unacceptable issue once and for all.

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22 thoughts on “Sturt Road Bridge Flooding – Video blog

  1. Cliff Hilton

    Currently 267 local residents have signed the epetition. I have today visited all retailers in Frimley Green and asked them to display epetition posters to help raise local resident awareness. This morning with sub-zero temperatures overnight water from the bridge flood had frozen as far as Frimley Green in one direction and Frimley Lodge Park in the other and to my knowledge there have been at least three accidents. One involving a motorbike and two involving cyclists. At least two cars were reported to have broken down near to the bridge …. and its not even winter yet!!!
    Please continue to share the epetition and get as many online signatures as possible:

  2. Cliff Hilton

    Thank you the 59 that has signed the petition so far but to make things happen we need hundreds if not thousands to sign. Please spread the word and share the need to get this bridge fixed once and for all … Had a reply from Michael Gove MP today. he has taken up the issue with Trevor Pugh, Strategic Director of Environment and Infrastructure Directorate at SCC saying “I understand that there may be a number of parties involved in helping to remedy this problem and I have asked Trevor Pugh what action the Council is taking to prevent the flooding occurring again. I will of course send you any further information”

  3. Cliff Hilton

    You will be pleased to know there has been some success. The hole in the road has been repaired with tarmac making it safe for both yourself and your vehicle …. now for the bridge!

  4. A Bunce

    I had a response to my email from Surrey County Council. Reads as follows:
    The recent flooding being experienced under Sturt Rd Rail bridge has been investigated and it has been found that the highway drains drain in to a Thames Water system in Bartlett Place. The Thames Water system has also been found to be surcharged and it appears that the problem may be with the ditch system that this in turn drains in to. This ditch system is the responsibility of Network Rail.
    Both Network Rail & Thames Water have been informed of the situation and we are working with both parties to try to get this matter resolved as soon as possible
    Surrey County Council Highways has and will continue to make every effort to try to minimise any inconvenience to road users.

    Once again thank you for contacting us. If you have any further queries or require additional information you may find the following page on our website useful:

    1. deachy Post author

      One nagging concern I have relates to the structural integrity of the bridge foundations. I am no expert on these things but could the brick work be compromised when it is continually under water?

      1. A Bunce

        Also not an expert, but it seems only logical that it would eventually start to affect the bricks.
        Also, it will be treacherous once the weather gets colder and we have ice leading to and from the flood. The roads are soaked and covered in mud as it is!

    2. Cliff Hilton

      In addition I have chased SCC Highways about the collapsed road repair located 60m from the bridge towards Frimley Green which has subsided probably due to the water ingress from vehicles passing through the flood. This collapse is a danger to traffic but SCC Highways are reluctant to repair as they say it is third party road works. In response to the lack of cohesive action on both the bridge and road repair I have generated a epetition on the SCC web site. Once approved I will post and hope that all local residents will consider signing it. In my view the whole issue and lack of ownership is deplorable.

      1. A Bunce

        I’ll definitely sign it. That pothole is huge. I have to cycle in the middle of the road to get around it. It’s only a matter of time before someone damages their car on it.
        How can it be third party roadworks? Are SCC not responsible anyway?

      2. A Bunce

        FYI: I passed the pothole this evening, and it has been filled in! Admittedly, it is not the best repair I’ve ever seen, but at least it is no longer a crater to rival the sea of tranquility!

    3. Linda Peacock

      I received the exact response today. It doesn’t answer my question as to when it will be remedied

  5. A Bunce

    I walked under the bridge after it had been resurfaced, and before it flooded. It looked to me as though the new (beautifully smooth) tarmac had been put over the drain in the middle, which obviously will not improve the drainage issue. I have to cycle under there morning and evening to get to Ash Vale station. In the mornings, I have been forced to cycle on the pavement, which is so narrow, that I cannot even get off my bike to push it! The water was so deep this morning, that it was even lapping though on the pavement.
    In the evenings, because I’m coming the other way, I have to try and get into the middle of the road to take advantage of the camber – and just get through as quickly and safely as possible. If a car comes the other way, I get soaked to the skin. Even through waterproofs.
    It does strike me as faintly ridiculous that the only thing that I personally have seen is that a sign saying “flood” has been put up. Which doesn’t really go anywhere near addressing the problem!
    I’m currently looking on eBay for a cheap submarine.

  6. Ruth Hutchinson

    Hi Paul —-Found this [PDF]Flooding Asset Register Public List…/Flooding20Asset20Register20Public20List1.p… a.. Cached

    District/Borough. Additional Comments. Bridge. Run Common Bridge road … Catteshal Road Bridge. Godalming. Waverley. Culvert. Bramley High street. Surrey. Waverley. Culvert … Surrey Heath. Grill … Under railway bridge on Stuart Road

    So SCC have it on their list —perhaps you need to take it to LAC petitioned or get your drainage man Wayne at SHBC to look at the situation.

    Are you coming to SHBC do at Windlesham this evening then you can tell people about the Pros & Cons of being a Councillor —-I thought we could taut for candidates!! Cheers Ruth

  7. Linda Peacock

    I use this route to and from work everyday. It’s a nightmare! Traffic chaos and those poor pedestrians. Unbelievably bad management to resurface the road ignoring the problem.

    1. deachy Post author

      Linda it would be a nice idea if our county Councillors came on here and posted an update for residents as to where they are in getting this situation rectified.

  8. Cliff Hilton

    I have recently been in contact with both Surrey County Council Highways and our local councilor about this unacceptable issue. The bridge has flooded early this year which leads me to believe the problem has got worse since the road was resurfaced and/or the drainage maintenance regime for the local area has been ignored. This issue will undoubtedly get worse as we move into winter and will cause major disruption to pedestrians and traffic flows. Something permanent has to be done.

  9. Rich

    When we get a frosty night the water is dragged up beyond the working mens club one way and to Frimley Lodge the other way – with the potential to freeze like an ice-rink and cause a nasty accident. I hope the darinage is sorted before someone gets seriously hurt…

  10. joanne potter

    Have been protesting since I came into Council about these floods. This has been happening since I was young, it is just ridiculous this has not been solved. We can put men on the moon but can’t solve a drain problem in Sturt Road. I will keep tweeting the floods till it is sorted Cllr Joanne Potter.

  11. Paul J Chapman

    The problem seemed to have been fixed until the recent re-surfacing work was done.

    Although SCC usually say it’s a Network Rail problem, if they were responsible for the road repairs then they are to blame.

    Either way they need to sort it out before we are forced to rename the village Frimley-Green-sur-Mer.


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