Give your views on proposed Windlesham Ward Neighbourhood Plan Area

Surrey Heath Borough Council is asking for views and comments having received an application to designate the Windlesham Ward area of the Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area.

The application has been submitted by Windlesham Parish Council. Neighbourhood Planning Regulations give local communities greater power to shape local development by having a direct role in deciding the future of the place in which they live. Within Surrey Heath, neighbourhood planning can be undertaken by Parish Councils or Neighbourhood Forums, with Surrey Heath Borough Council providing assistance and making necessary decisions at key stages.

Designating a Neighbourhood Plan Area is the first step in developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan enables a local community to create a vision and planning policies for the use and development of land in a neighbourhood. They can be general or more detailed, depending on what is important to local people. They must however, conform to the strategic policies in the Council’s adopted Core Strategy.

Surrey Heath Borough Council is asking for feedback from members of the public, particularly those who live, work or carry out business in the Windlesham area.

A copy of the application is available to view in Lightwater Library, as well as via

The website provides a background to the Neighbourhood Planning process and details of the proposed Neighbourhood Area. A response form is available to download and complete.

The consultation closes on Friday 12 December 2014.

A summary of comments received will be reported to the council’s Executive for consideration and a decision will be made on whether to designate the proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area.

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