Windesham Parish Council petitioning Surrey County Council on its Draft Local Transport Strategy

Red Road Crash - Tim Dodds

Red Road Accident – Image with thanks @TimDodds

Windlesham Parish Council have started a petition calling on Surrey County Council to revise the Surrey Heath Draft Local Transport Strategy & Forward Programme so that it includes transport mitigation for the villages of Lightwater, Bagshot and Windlesham.

The petition states “although the plan recognises issues in the 3 villages it has NO new strategies to deal with them and is focused almost entirely on Camberley”.

It also states “The 3 most dangerous roads in Surrey Heath (excluding the M3) are the A322, the A30 and the B311 (Red Rd). All 3 roads run through Windlesham Parish and together account for 34% of all fatal or serious accidents (2009-13). BUT NO traffic safety mitigation has been proposed for Windlesham Parish”.

Windlesham Parish Council say “Surrey County Council must reconsider its draft programme ” and suggests a number of options for consideration.

For full details of the petition visit:

2 thoughts on “Windesham Parish Council petitioning Surrey County Council on its Draft Local Transport Strategy

  1. John Wood

    Don’t forget the M3 end of the Guildford Road in Lightwater! the speed limit is 30 mph and yet many cars are exceeding this speed limit! No action has been taken and unfortunately due to cost cutting the number of police officers assigned to traffic control has been reduced which is having a large impact on enforcement.

  2. Dominic Lloyd

    1. Weight restrictions and rerouting of HGV satellite navigation away from Windlesham to minimise the impact on the environment and residents including Chertsey Rd, Updown Hill, Woodlands Lane and Heath Park Drive.

    Why not just encase the place in a bubble?


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