Go to the pub to meet God………..

People looking for God encouraged to come and talk in Lightwater’s Red Lion pub

Lightwater’s local church has launched a new course for people who are interested in having a more meaningful conversation. Its venue: not a dusty room in the church hall, or even in church, but in the local pub: The Red Lion. Table Talk is a course designed for people who want to talk about big issues in life and perhaps see what Christians might have to say about them.

Lightwater’s Vicar, Reverend Mark Wallace says, ‘Lots of people have big questions about life, but coming to church can be a big step. If you just want to talk about life issues, it’s easier if you can just buy a drink, pull up a chair and start a conversation. We don’t have an agenda at Table Talk and no one will preach at you. We just want to unpack questions such as how you can live a meaningful life, how you can make and keep friends and so on.’

Table Talk ran for the first time in the Red Lion this summer. Mark says, ‘It was really successful – we saw up to fourteen people each week, both people connected to the church and those who were just interested. Our conversations were always lively and it was a really fun time.’

Table Talk runs on Wednesday evenings from 8–9.15pm from 1 October to 5 November at the Red Lion pub, 114 Guildford Road. No need to book – just turn up.

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