Old Dean By Election an opportunity for young people – Podcast

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Paul Deach talks to Max Nelson who is standing in the Old Dean By-Election. If Max is elected he would be the youngest councillor to have ever served at Surrey Heath Borough Council.

8 thoughts on “Old Dean By Election an opportunity for young people – Podcast

  1. Time For Change on the Old Dean - Vote for Max Nelson

    Murray, this is very disingenuous and duplicitous of you and typical of Labour in Surrey Heath. Out of respect for the late Cllr Moher it is far more appropriate to stick to the facts and not engage any further with negative campaigning. It is disrespectful and the community of the Old Dean are entitled to better.

    The time for change on the Old Dean is nigh. Labour are ineffective there. A young, dynamic and energetic mind is just what is needed. Hopefully members of the community will spot this opportunity for change and turn out and vote for Max.

    1. Murray Rowlands

      Time for what? For the neglect which the rest of the Borough experiences from Tory Councillors .perhaps? Tell me which Borough seat is blessed with regular newsletters from their ward councillors and constant engagement with the areas issues? Take Max’s claims about the shops. I have direct experience of trying to do something about a situation created by the Tory administration which created them. Because of the attempt to deny responsibility and ownership they were set up with as many as 36 different owners. The centre of the area is owned by the County Council who neglect it. The outer ring by the Borough Council. The steps to the flats are owned by the Borough.. Where are Max’s practical steps to do something about the situation like a project involving the rebuilding of the area? That would be a valid suggestion – not vapid waffle.

      1. deachy Post author

        Murray. I wont reply to your comments on behalf of other councillors as they are quite capable of doing that themselves but I think I should defend myself against some of your remarks which don’t give the full picture.

        I constantly engage with my ward (and wider) about local issues which fall within the borough and county council which may be of concern/interest to members of the community. Moreover, I have found far more efficient ways of communicating with residents than blessing their bins with party political publications. I hold down a full time job, run the Residents Network and serve the community as a Borough Councillor. Oh and I have a young family. I simply don’t have time to deliver leaflets. As you well know, leaflet delivery volunteers are becoming thin on the ground and I only want to mobilise decent folk to deliver leaflets which are of major importance. This is exactly what I did here: http://surreyheath-residents.co.uk/2012/02/25/deepcut-public-meeting-draws-over-500-residents/

        To my mind residents would much prefer their elected members to be serving them and being in touch with their needs rather than out delivering party political toilet paper.

        I fully accept that not every member of the community is on the internet / email but they know how to reach me and do so regularly.

        So I do take exception to your suggestion that I am not constantly engaging the community I serve because this is actually an area I excel in and do so far more regularly and effectively than all the local party political associations put together.

        As for the issues on the Old Dean I wont comment on them as I know very little about the historical make up of that ward. But I do try wherever possible to help communicate matters of interest to residents there.

        I understand your need to make this political after all it is a bi-election but please don’t make sweeping suggestions that all councillors are not dedicated as this is simply not true. There are hard working councillors from across the political spectrum.

        1. Murray Rowlands

          I’m not sure who is replying because the responder is unidentified.. If its deachy himself can I remind him that the website claims to be impartial and that he should leave correspondence to those of a fellow Conservative cause. The response was a reaction to the blog distributed implying that Labour councillors on Old Dean since 1991 did not communicate and keep in regular contact with their electors. I can only speak as I find and for the parts of the Borough I am familiar with. Any sort of communication from an elected Conservative Councillor apart from prior to an election would be an unusual occurrence to say the least.

          1. deachy Post author

            I always post in my own name Murray.

            The site might be impartial but I’m not.

            Not sure where you read a blog about labour councillors. Not here or at least not to my recollection.

            You mention parts of the borough you are familiar with which is fine but not what you originally suggested.

            However, you are not active on Social Media where several conservative councillors communicate and engage with residents regularly. If you were on Social Media you would know that so again you are not giving the full facts.

          2. Murray Rowlands

            You assume communication on the social media is equivalent to producing a leaflet and its distribution. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of any electorate take the political information through print.

          3. deachy Post author

            I do not assume that at all but there are many forms of engagement so to say conservatives don’t communicate other than at elelction time is simply not true.

            Also I don’t agree that the vast majority if the electorate take political information through print. In Surrey Heath there is active discussion about local matters going on daily. You would not know that because you don’t see the value in Social Media otherwise you would know that.

            Murray I am not suggesting for a minute that print media does not have its place in the political process but the real discussion and even debate is happening online and people are engaging with their representatives.

  2. Murray Rowlands

    Just examining the Conservative candidate’s leaflet for the Old Dean by election. What a load of unsubstantial waffle. Top of his priorities is a claim that he will do something about the state of Old Dean’s roads and footpaths. Hang on a minute – he is a Borough Council candidate and Tory Surrey County Council is responsible for Surrey Heath’s roads. The responsibility lies with the Old Dean’s County Councillor Bill Chapman. If he wants to see what Old Dean roads should look like he should take a short trip to nearby Kings Ride where another Conservative Borough Councillor Denis Fuller lives. I suggest Mr Nelson makes himself useful and demands resurfacing to a similar standard for Old Dean.


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