Missing People: a follow up to #TheBigTweet. @missingpeople @CCLeicsPolice @AlanCarr

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BnmPvpyIUAAi0seYesterday saw #TheBigTweet raising awareness of the tens of thousands of folk, often young or vulnerable people who go missing every year in the United Kingdom.

I’d like to share with you my story of how I became totally committed to trying to find every ‘MisPer’ of who’s report is brought to my attention.

Firstly, if you don’t already know, I am a police officer. We get trained on how to deal with the reporting and investigation of people who go missing. Often no crime is committed; the person is just not where they are expected to be and a concerned family member, friend or a professional carer reports that.

Our reporting process takes account of particular vulnerabilities such as age, mental state, clothing vs weather and physical condition. Clearly anyone who has said they will harm themselves is of great concern or “High Risk”.

On 20th January 1986 I…

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Born in Salford Manchester. Moved to Surrey Heath in 2003. Married to Claire (a Frimley girl) and father to Izzy. I created this web site to try and infect as many people as possible with community spirit and promote the very best of Surrey Heath.

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