Kings International College students excelling – Video blog and podcasts

Michael Gove at Kings

Michael Gove with Maths students at Kings

Recently I was fortunate to be invited to visit Kings International College during a visit by the Secretary of State for Education and Surrey Heath MP Michael Gove.

Students of the performing arts department treated guests to live music and drama performances. As one of the guests I was totally blown away by these performances. So much so I sought permission to come back to Kings and record some of the performances for this blog which can be found below.

Guests also visited the maths department at Kings which is having notable success in this subject across all age groups.

Speaking as a parent and having spent quite a bit of time at the school lately when I am considering secondary schools for my daughter, Kings will be a serious contender as a first choice school.

As well as academic achievement which has been significant recently, I was also very impressed with the emotional intelligence of the students.

Kings International College is an educational institution we can be very proud of.

Below is the content which I captured at the school recently which is made up of a video and two audio only podcasts so scroll down for all the content:

Can’t see video player? Click here

Can’t see audio player? Click here

Can’t see audio player? Click here

These podcasts are available on the Surrey Residents Network Audioboo Channel and can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Audioboo has apps available for Android & iOS devices and the Apple Podcast App is a great way to listen to Resident Network podcasts completely free of charge. Just search “Surrey Residents Network” within the app.

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