R U Able 2 - Farnborough Fins May 2014 (11)I make no apology for continually blogging about the plight of the pool at Kings International College which for those of you who have not heard it is in very real danger of closing soon due to the poor condition of the building.

My previous blogs included a podcast with Farnborough Fins Director Anna Strong who explained the situation way better than I could here, so please listen to the podcast. I also followed that up with a photo blog which shows the sorry state of the building. The astonishing thing is the actual pool is state of the art as Farnborough Fins Swimming Club have invested a significant amount of money into the plant.

The loss of the swimming pool would be a devastating blow to the community. Over 2000 local children benefit from the pool. Today I learned of another significant consequence of the pool at Kings closing. R U Able 2 is a local community group that offers sporting and leisure opportunities to young people and adults who may be excluded from being able to take part in activities for a variety of reasons. The very special thing about R U Able 2 is that some of the coaches are young people who have similar difficulties but have been given work experience opportunities to enable them to develop. This project really does not get any more sustainable. R U Able 2 and other special needs groups in our community benefit from free pool time at Kings but would lose all of that should the pool close. To find out more about R U Able 2 listen to this podcast.

Closing the pool at kings will have a profound effect on our community. This is one of those times that people power along with Social Media can help.

To do your bit to help protect this major community assest you need register and vote at the following web site:


Then you need to share that link on your facebook/twitter and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Lets make this go ‘viral’.

If this blog is not enough to motivate you to vote then hopefully the images below of R U Able 2 children and coaches enjoying and benefiting from the pool at Kings over the weekend is. Please, please please vote now.


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