Deepcut Redevelopment Exhibition

DeepcutVillageSignDefence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) held an exhibition at Dettingen Park in Deepcut this weekend that saw a good turnout of local residents.

If you were unable to make the exhibition you can download the exhibition boards here:

Deepcut Exhibition DIO – Feb 12

Once you have had opportunity to view the information you can make your views known to DIO on the comment form on this page:

Don’t leave it to long to leave your feedback as it is expected a planning application will be submitted soon.

Michael Gove MP attended the exhibition and recorded a video blog for the Residents Network where he said he would be working with local councillors “to make sure that the concerns that lots of local people have are taken into account”. You can watch that video here:

If you would like to email your MP Michael Gove and express any concerns in respect of any information to have come from the exhibition, you can do so here:

If you would like to contact your local councillor to make your views known you can find out who your local councillor is here:

1 thought on “Deepcut Redevelopment Exhibition

  1. deachy

    All comments relating to this item have been unpublished but not deleted.

    There is a lot of strong opinions on Gypsies/Traveller provision which of course is understandable.

    I put most comments through because I think it is important for people to express their views and show the level of concern in the community. I don’t think the high emotion on this issue is in any doubt.

    However, over the years I have worked with an individual in this community who I have the utmost respect and admiration for. He has an understanding on this particular issue that many of us don’t and out of respect for him and his practical knowledge, I will not push any further comments through on this regardless of view point.

    Please feel free to leave a comment, and it will be logged and passed on to your local councillors and MP.

    You will also have an opportunity to voice your concerns on Friday at the public meeting.

    As the moderator of this blog and as a local councillor I have to represent everyone’s views. There are always two or more sides to a story and I am sure as a local representative you would expect me to be completely open minded, not just on this issue but any, so that when I do arrive at a conclusion it is a considered one based on all available information.

    Finally, just because I allow people to have their say on this blog does not mean I agree with them.


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