Michael Gove at the Deepcut redevelopment exhibition – Video blog

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4 thoughts on “Michael Gove at the Deepcut redevelopment exhibition – Video blog

  1. Brian

    I cannnot understand why on earth the Residents of Dettingen Park are allowing themselves to be manipulated in this way. Do you really want this?

    They might as well invite them to set up their carvans in the centre of Dettingen Cresent itself. What are your representatives thinking of?

  2. Joanna B

    I thoroughly agree with the above comment. Having attended the meeting this morning and spoken to some of the representatives for the development, I still can’t believe that the traffic situation has not been properly addressed. Sticking a set of traffic lights on the single lane bridge at the bottom of Deepcut Bridge Road is ludicrous! In the rush hour we will have traffic backed up to the Wharf Road roundabout and inevitably access to Wharf Road will get blocked. We will also have traffic backed up along the Guildford Road with increased numbers of cars that the development will produce. This is a purely cosmetic move as was the alteration to the Red Road roundabout. I just hope that Mr Gove really does take our concerns seriously.

  3. Tom Wakes

    As a resident of Lightwater I am appalled at the lack of any traffic amelioration other than minor work at the red road poundabout. It is already difficult to exit McDonald Rd onto Red Road and at rush hour times almost impossible.
    There must be control of traffic at this junction both to allow residents of Lightwater to get onto Red Road and to stop Lightwater being an even worse rat run by Camberley/Deacut workers in rush hours.


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